Christopher Yust

Assistant Professor


Dr. Yust is currently an assistant professor at Texas A&M University. He primarily teaches and conducts research in the area of financial accounting.

Dr. Yust’s primary research interests are related to understanding the behavior of banks and their financial reporting (e.g., bank lending and risk, internal controls, governance and fair value accounting) and the intersection of law and accounting (e.g., securities and derivative litigation, fraud and options backdating). He is also interested in other capital markets activities, such as the role of the media, earnings management/quality and short sellers. His research is published in leading scholarly journals in the accounting literature, such as The Accounting Review, Review of Accounting Studies and Contemporary Accounting Research, and leading journals in the law, economics and finance literature, such as the Journal of Law and Economics, Journal of Risk and Insurance and Journal of Banking & Finance.

His teaching style emphasizes the importance of critical thinking and real-world application. He has taught accounting to students at numerous levels: intro (lower-level undergraduate) and intermediate (upper-level undergraduate) financial accounting, accounting theory and research (masters) and a capital markets accounting seminar (doctoral).

Dr. Yust received a Ph.D. in Accounting from the University of Texas at Austin and a Master of Science in Finance, a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and a Minor in Psychology from Texas A&M University. He has a CPA license registered in the state of Texas. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his beloved wife, precious (and precocious) daughter and two rescue dogs.

Select Research Publications

“Measuring Accounting Fraud and Irregularities Using Public and Private Enforcement” with Dain Donelson, Antonis Kartapanis and John McInnis. The Accounting Review, conditionally accepted.

“Insurers and Lenders as Monitors during Securities Litigation: Evidence from D&O Insurance Premiums, Interest Rates and Litigation Costs” with Dain Donelson. Journal of Risk and Insurance, Vol. 86 (3), pp. 663–696, September 2019.

“Tainted Portfolios: How Impairment Accounting Rules Restrict Security Sales” with Brett Cantrell. Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, Vol. 46 (5-6), pp. 608–635, June 2019.

“Déjà vu: The Effect of Executives and Directors with Prior Banking Crisis Experience on Bank Outcomes around the Global Financial Crisis” with Anwer Ahmed, Brant Christensen and Adam Olson. Contemporary Accounting Research, 36 (2), pp. 958–998, Summer 2019.

“Does Fair Value Accounting Provide More Useful Financial Statements than Current GAAP for Banks?” with John McInnis and Yong Yu. The Accounting Review, Vol. 93 (6) pp. 257–279, November 2018.

“The Cost of Disclosure Regulation: Evidence from D&O Insurance and Non-Meritorious Securities Litigation” with Dain Donelson and Justin Hopkins. Review of Accounting Studies, Vol. 23 (2), pp. 528–588, June 2018.

“The Relation between Religiosity and Private Banks” with Brett Cantrell. Journal of Banking & Finance, Vol. 91 (1), pp. 86–105, June 2018.

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“Predicting Credit Losses: Loan Fair Values Versus Historical Costs” with Brett Cantrell and John McInnis. The Accounting Review, Vol. 89 (1), pp 147–176, January 2014.