Christopher Yust

Assistant Professor


Professor Christopher Yust teaches and conducts research in the area of financial reporting. He has taught intro (lower-level undergraduate), intermediate (upper-level undergraduate) and advanced financial accounting (masters), as well as at the Ph.D. level. He emphasizes the importance of critical thinking and real-world application.

His research interests include financial reporting, banking, litigation, and financial misconduct. Dr. Yust’s research is published in leading scholarly journals in the accounting literature, such as The Accounting Review and The Review of Accounting Studies. He has also published in leading journals in the law, finance and economics literatures, such as The Journal of Law and Economics, The Journal of Banking and Finance and The Journal of Risk and Insurance.

Dr. Yust received a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin and work experience in public accounting (both audit and transaction services) and standard setting (at the FASB). He has a CPA licensed in the state of Texas. Prior to beginning his career, he received an undergraduate (summa cum laude) degree in accounting with a psychology minor and a master’s degree in finance from Texas A&M University.

Dr. Yust and his beloved wife, Adrienne, are the proud parents of a precious (and precocious) daughter and two rescue dogs.