Dong Joon Lee

Associate Professor
Department of Information and Operations Management


Dong Joon Lee is an Associate Professor in the Department of Information and Operations Management at the Mays Business School. He also serves as the Product Manager of Scholars@TAMU, Research Information Management System, to enrich Texas A&M University’s faculty scholarly identity and impact. He received a Ph.D. in Information Studies from the Florida State University and earned a M.S. in Information Management from the University of Washington, and a B.S. in Computer Information Systems from the Grove City College.

He has interests in the core values and benefits of socio-technical information systems (e.g., research information management systems, digital asset management systems), information and data quality, information organization tools (e.g., metadata design, identifiers, linked data, ontologies), and user engagement with information systems.

His research explores questions about users’ understanding and experience with data/information management practices in different contexts, the design and implementation of information and data management tools and methods, and the reuse data stored in information management systems.

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