Dwayne Whitten

Clinical Professor 
Director, MS-MIS online program
Texas A&M Cybersecurity Fellow
Mays Teaching Fellow
Department of Information and Operations Management


Dr. Whitten joined Texas A&M in the Fall of 2005. Previously, Dr. Whitten worked in technology management with Arkansas Systems, Inc. and Ouachita Baptist University. He taught at four other universities before arriving at Texas A&M. He currently serves as the director of the online MS-MIS program and a fellow with the Texas A&M Cybersecurity Center.

His primary research interests are in the areas of cybersecurity, supply chain security, IT sourcing, and work-life balance.  He currently teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in cybersecurity and project management.

Dr. Whitten has published over 50 academic articles, some of which can be found in the following journals:

Harvard Business Review
Journal of Applied Psychology
Journal of Operations Management
MIS Quarterly Executive
European Journal of Information Systems
Journal of Strategic Information Systems
Decision Sciences
International Journal of Human Resources Management
Journal of Management
Information & Management
International Journal of Operations and Production Management
Communications of the AIS

Research Interests

cybersecurity, supply chain security, information technology sourcing, work-life balance


Title Year Type

Trouble in Paradise: How Working at Home May Negatively Affect Spouse’s Work Productivity

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2019 Article

Your Job Is Messing with Mine! The Impact of Mobile Device Use for Work During Family Time on the Spouse's Work Life

Journal of Occupational Health Psychology

2018 Article

Tethered to Work: A Family Systems Approach Linking Mobile Device Use to Turnover Intentions

Journal of Applied Psychology

2016 Article

Emancipatory technology and developing world supply chains: A case study of African women gemstone miners.

Journal of Operations Management

2021 Article

Work-family enrichment and satisfaction: Mediating processes and relative impact of originating and receiving domains

Journal of Management

2014 Article

Agile Manufacturing: Relation To Total-System JIT, Organizational Performance, and Supply Chain Performance

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2011 Article

What Men Think They Know About Executive Women

Harvard Business Review

2006 Article

Work-Family Enrichment and Job Performance: A Constructive Replication of Affective Events Theory

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2011 Article