Huseyn Abdulla

Ph.D. Student
Department of Information and Operations Management


Huseyn Abdulla is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Information and Operations Management at Mays Business School. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Qafqaz University in Azerbaijan, and a Master’s degree from The University of California, Berkeley. Huseyn’s research focuses on behavioral issues in the domains of Sustainable Operations and Retail Operations. His current research examines 1) managerial decision-making with respect to consumer return policies and its impacts on consumer behavior and 2) consumer behavioral issues in remanufactured product markets and managerial interventions to positively stimulate demand for remanufactured products. His research on consumer return policies has been published in the Journal of Operations Management and received an Honorable Mention at 2020 Jack Meredith Best Paper Award. Huseyn is an Editorial Review Board member for the Journal of Operations Management and also reviews, on an ad-hoc basis, for Production and Operations Management and Decision Sciences.

Research Interests

Sustainable Operations | Retail Operations | Behavioral Operations Management | Operations-Marketing Interface


Title Year Type

Taking stock of consumer returns: A review and classification of the literature

Journal of Operations Management

2019 Article