Julian Gaspar

Clinical Professor Emeritus of Finance
Former Executive Director, CIBS and Clinical Professor


Dr. Gaspar is a Clinical Professor Emeritus of Finance who taught international finance and special topics in international business. In addition, as the former director of Texas A&M’s CIBER program, he was responsible for internationalizing the business school’s curriculum and faculty. Dr. Gaspar is an international economist with over seventeen years of international expertise in private sector development and structural adjustment programs of developing and transition economies. He has extensive experience in privatization policies and economic reform programs of developing countries, having worked for both the International Finance Corporation and the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development of the World Bank Group. His regional expertise is Africa, Asia, Europe, the former Soviet Union, Latin America and the Middle East. Dr. Gaspar designs policy reform programs for financial and industrial sectors of developing economics and provides policy advise for educational reforms, economic restructuring, and private sector development of Asian, Central/East European economics, the former Soviet Union economies and Latin America. He also consults with the U.S. State Department and identifies, appraises, and conducts detailed project economic analyses in agriculture, business education, energy, industry, and mining sectors. Dr. Gaspar also worked as a country risk economist with the Bank of America in Tokyo and San Francisco where he researched and analyzed debt problems of Asia’s developing countries, devised financial restructuring strategies, and identified developing countries access to external capital markets. He is skilled in performing macroeconomic and industry analyses to establish country risk ratings, exposure limits, and international commercial bank lending strategies. In addition, Dr. Gaspar has over ten years of teaching experience at the MBA and undergraduate level. He is an outstanding administrator and teacher who is highly effective at relating current economic and business developments to economic theory. He is resourceful in domestic and international business issues and has demonstrated ability to develop international business programs in emerging market economies. Dr. Gaspar’s teaching fields include managerial economics, international business, economics, finance and trade.