Jon M. Stauffer

Assistant Professor
Department of Information and Operations Management
Faculty Fellow of the Center for Health Systems & Design


Professor Stauffer has spent over two decades researching and working in the fields of engineering and business operations. His research focuses on the development of tailored solutions for service industries that experience high uncertainty in timing and magnitude of supply and demand. More specifically, his research optimizes the allocation of resources within the healthcare and humanitarian industries. His research has been published in Production and Operations Management and the Journal of Operations Management.

Professor Stauffer has presented his research at the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) and the Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) annual conferences and other industry-specific conferences. He is also a member of the Manufacturing and Service Operations Management Society (MSOM) and the Decision Sciences Institute (DSI). In fall of 2017, he received an appointment as a Faculty Fellow of the Center for Health Systems & Design (CHSD) three year term from fall of 2017 to fall of 2020.

Before his academic career, Professor Stauffer was the Director of Strategy & Business Development at Control-Tec LLC, a start-up firm providing telematics and analytics solutions to transportation industries. He was also a manager in the Strategy & Operations practice of Deloitte Consulting LLC, where he led many teams in the implementation of lean manufacturing, supplier sourcing, warehouse management, and material flow methodologies. Prior to consulting, Professor Stauffer was a calibration engineer at DaimlerChrysler AG where he developed new diagnostic algorithms to reduce vehicle emissions and improve vehicle performance.

His recent manuscripts include:

  • Stauffer, Jon M., Subodha Kumar. (2020). Impact of Incorporating Returns into Pre-Disaster Deployments for Rapid-Onset Predictable Disasters, Forthcoming in Production and Operations Management.
  • Stauffer, Jon M., Alfonso J. Pedraza-Martinez, Lu(Lucy) Yan, Luk N. Van Wassenhove. (2018). Asset Supply Networks in Humanitarian Operations: A Combined Empirical-Simulation Approach. Journal of Operations Management, 63, 44-58.
  • Helm, Jonathan E., Adel Alaeddini, Jon M. Stauffer, Kurt M. Bretthauer, Ted Skolarus. (2016). Reducing Hospital Readmissions by Integrating Empirical Prediction with Resource Optimization, Production and Operations Management, 25(2), 233-257.
  • Stauffer, Jon M., Alfonso J. Pedraza-Martinez, Luk N. Van Wassenhove. (2016). Temporary Hubs for the Global Vehicle Supply Chain in Humanitarian Operations. Production and Operations Management, 25(2), 192-209.



Title Year Type

Asset supply networks in humanitarian operations: A combined empirical-simulation approach

Journal of Operations Management

2018 Article