Jeffery Stevens

Clinical Assistant Professor


Dr. Stevens brings more than 20 years of academic and corporate experience to Texas A&M University. He holds a Ph.D. from Texas A&M in EHRD and an AACSB Post Doctorate Bridge Program Certificate from the University of Florida in international business & entrepreneurship. Dr. Stevens has published several academic articles and has taught at various universities in the United States. His research interests include strategic management, entrepreneurial ecosystems, as well as small business innovation, creation, and management. Within the corporate sector, Dr. Stevens has worked in and has been a key player in building companies in various industries such as manufacturing, medical, IT, professional sports, and distribution, among others. He was also a senior manager in multiple companies that went public in industries such as IT and medical, among others. Since 1991 Dr. Stevens has been the president of a highly successful international consulting company. He is a veteran of the US Army and as a disabled veteran, he works with other veterans on educational and business initiatives. He has been married to Gloria since 1990 and they have 2 children, Amanda who is at Arizona State University, and John who recently graduated from Texas A&M.