Murray R. Barrick

Professor Emeritus, Paul M. & James R. Whately Chair in Business
Director of Center for Human Resource Management


Please refer to my personal website (listed below) for a bio, vita, and list of publications.


Professor Barrick’s research focuses on the impact individual differences in behavior and personality have on job performance and on methods of measuring and predicting such differences. He also is a co-author of the Theory of Purposeful Work Behavior, which highlights the role of purposefulness and experienced meaningfulness arising within the person as a key to explaining person-situation interactions. Further, Barrick studies executive team success, examining the role of the CEO, personality and leadership of TMT members, team composition, team interdependence, and team processes on individual, team, and firm performance. Finally, he also has examined the influence candidate self-presentation tactics have on the interviewer during an employment interview.


Selection for Fit

Research Interests

Personality, Top Management Teams, Motivation, Fit at Hire