Matt Ege

Associate Professor
PwC Professorship in Accounting
Ph.D. Coordinator, James Benjamin Department of Accounting


Dr. Matt Ege’s research interests include how auditors, audit committees, and regulators improve audit and financial reporting quality. He has published in prestigious journals such as Journal of Accounting and Economics, The Accounting Review, Contemporary Accounting Research, Accounting, Organizations and Society, and AUDITING: A Journal of Theory & Practice. His research has also been cited by various media outlets including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. He serves on the editorial boards of The Accounting Review and AUDITING: A Journal of Theory & Practice and has received department- and college-level teaching awards. He previously worked as a director for a technology firm and a manager for a Big 4 accounting firm performing information technology assurance and consulting services. Dr. Ege has a CPA license in the state of Texas.

Select Research Publications

  • Ege, M., Y. Kim, and D. Wang. 2023. The demand for internal auditors following accounting and operational failures. The Accounting Review, forthcoming
  • Ege, M., T. Seidel, M. Sterin, and D. Wood. 2022. The influence of management’s internal audit experience on earnings management. Contemporary Accounting Research 39 (3): 1834-1870.
  • Ege, M., and S. Stuber. 2022. Are auditors rewarded for low audit quality? The case of auditor lenience in the insurance industry. Journal of Accounting and Economics 73 (1): 101424.
  • Ege, M., Y. Kim, and D. Wang. 2021. Do PCAOB inspections of foreign auditors affect global financial reporting comparability? Contemporary Accounting Research 38 (4): 2659-2690.
  • Ege, M., B. Hepfer, and J. Robinson. 2021. What matters for in-house tax planning: Tax function power and status. The Accounting Review 96 (4): 203-232.
  • Baugh, M, M. Ege, and C. Yust. 2021. Internal control quality and bank risk-taking and performance. AUDITING: A Journal of Practice & Theory 40 (2): 49-84.
  • Ege, M., Y. Kim, and D. Wang. 2020. Do global audit firm networks apply consistent audit methodologies across jurisdictions? Evidence from financial reporting comparability. The Accounting Review 95 (6): 151-179.
  • Donelson, D., M. Ege, A. Imdieke, and E. Maksymov. 2020. The revival of large consulting practices at the Big 4 and audit quality. Accounting, Organizations and Society 87: 101157.
  • Ege, M., W. Knechel, P. Lamoreaux, and E. Maksymov. 2020. A multi-method analysis of the PCAOB’s relationship with the audit profession. Accounting, Organizations and Society 84: 101131.
  • Ege, M., J. Glenn, and J. Robinson. 2020. Unexpected SEC resource constraints and comment letter quality. Contemporary Accounting Research 37 (1): 33-67.
  • Donelson, D., M. Ege, and J. Leiby. 2019. Audit firm reputational consequences of alleged non-accounting misconduct by clients: How bargaining power temporarily shifts around securities litigation. AUDITING: A Journal of Practice & Theory 38 (4): 77-100.
  • Donelson, D., M. Ege, and J. McInnis. 2017. Internal control weaknesses and financial reporting fraud. AUDITING: A Journal of Practice & Theory 36 (3): 45-69.
  • De Simone, L., M. Ege, and B. Stomberg. 2015. Internal control quality: the role of auditor-provided tax services. The Accounting Review 90 (4): 1469-1496.
  • Ege, M. 2015. Does internal audit function quality deter management misconduct? The Accounting Review 90 (2): 495-527.
  • Badolato, P., D. Donelson, and M. Ege. 2014. Audit committee financial expertise and earnings management: the role of status. Journal of Accounting and Economics 58: 208-230.
  • Bierstaker, J., L. Chen, M. Christ, M. Ege, and N. Mintchik. 2013. Obtaining assurance for financial statement audits and control audits when aspects of the financial reporting process are outsourced. AUDITING: A Journal of Practice & Theory 32 (Supplement 1): 209-250.

Research Interests

auditing, audit committees, regulation, corporate governance