Michael Watson

Executive Professor
Adam C. Sinn '00 Department of Finance


Michael is an Executive Professor in the Adam C. Sinn ‘00 Department of Finance at Mays Business School at Texas A&M University.  He joined in August 2022.

Michael is also a private investor and the founder of New Flag Capital, LLC.  Prior to founding New Flag, he spent more than 21 years of his career as a manager and partner of Carlson Capital, LP, a multi-strategy hedge fund.  For nearly a decade, Michael served as Treasurer and Senior Relationship Manager of Carlson.  From 1997 through 2008, Michael worked on the investment side of the business, ultimately serving as the Portfolio Manager of Carlson’s global convertible arbitrage portfolio and also responsible for hedging Carlson’s currency and interest rate exposures.  Prior to joining Carlson, Michael developed and traded systematic commodity and financial futures programs for Hollingsworth Capital Management, Inc. while simultaneously attending Texas A&M University.  Michael graduated magna cum laude from Texas A&M in 1997 with a B.B.A. in Finance and Accounting with University, Foundation and College of Business Honors.  He was also one of two students who served as a University Undergraduate Research Fellow in the Department of Finance.  Prior to attending college, at the age of 18, Michael obtained a Series 3 license and became an Associated Person of Hollingsworth.

Michael has lived in Dallas, Texas for the past 22 years and has traveled to 63 countries for work, charity and leisure.  He serves on the advisory board for Capital for Kids, an investment-industry charity focusing on organizations that educate, protect and encourage North Texas’ most vulnerable children.  Michael also serves on the board of the S.M. Wright Foundation, whose mission is to provide support and stability to underprivileged children and less fortunate families through hunger relief, economic empowerment, education, health and social services.  Internationally, Michael serves on the board for Warzone Initiatives and has previously served on the Committee for Young Life in the Former Soviet Union.