Ramona L. Paetzold

Department of Management


Dr. Ramona L. Paetzold works in the Human Resource Management area of the Department of Management. Her primary research interests are in the intersection of human resource management, social psychology, and employment law. Her work encompasses psycho-legal aspects of sexual harassment, disabilities and accommodations, and attachment theory. She has recently published in such outlets as the Academy of Management Review, American Business Law Journal, North Carolina Law Review, Harvard Law Review Forum, Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal,  Journal of Applied Social Psychology, and the Review of General Psychology, and Personality and Individual Differences. In addition to the above interests, she also teaches in the field of research methods and advanced statistics, and has published works relating these topics to discrimination law. She is co-author of the book The Statistics of Discrimination (with Steven L. Willborn). Dr. Paetzold has served as Senior Articles Editor for the American Business Law Journal and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Legal Studies Education. She also served for eight years on the editorial board of Academy of Management Review and is currently on the editorial board of Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal and Human Resources Management Review . Her primary teaching responsibilities include Employment Law, Employment Discrimination Law, and Research Methods/Statistics.

Research Interests

attachment theory (in relationships; in organizations); disabilities and accommodations, sexual harassment


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