Robin Starnes

Executive Professor


Before joining the Information Systems and Operations Management Dept, Ms. Starnes specialized in software development and information technology management with companies in the financial, oil & gas, and education sectors; MIS consulting; and software product management with a leading software vendor. She has a wide variety of experience to include management of projects, staff, systems, equipment, and budgets. Her experience includes training, customer presentations, design facilitation, executive briefings, product and project management and staff development. She is published in Enterprise Systems Journal and has served on customer boards for organizations including Lucent Technologies, EIS International, and the Center for Management Information Systems at TAMU. She is a founding member of the Austin Call Center Alliance and has presented at events for Lucent Technologies, EIS International, and BMC Software. She taught classes in Introduction to Information Systems Honors, Systems Analysis and Design, and Management of Information Systems at TAMU and is the founding Advisor for TAMU student organization, Global Business Brigades.  Prior to Director, Ms. Starnes was the Industry Relationship Coordinator for the Center for the Management of Information Systems and is the founding Advisor to TAMU student organization,Women in Technology.