Seongjin (Justin) Kim

PhD. Student (FINC)


Seongjin (Justin) Kim is a PhD student in the Department of Finance at Texas A&M University. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration (Finance) from Yonsei University and a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce (Economics & Finance) from The University of Sydney. His research interests include (1) Empirical Asset pricing, and (2) Macrofinance.


Research Interests

Empirical Asset pricing; Macrofinance.


“Risk aversion, Uncertainty, and Monetary Policy in Zero Lower Bound Environments” (with J. Hahn and W. W. Jang), Economics Letters,  (July 2017): Vol. 156, 118-122

Working Papers

“Asset Pricing with Dividend Strips”

“Common Factors in the Returns on Credit Default Swaps” (with L. Kang, H. Kim, J. Kim, and S. Sorescu)