Theresa M. Phinney

Senior Lecturer
Undergraduate MIS Advisor


Ms. Phinney has been an instructor in the INFO department since 1999.  She is primarily responsible for the Intro to Information Systems course (ISTM 210), and she also teaches a C# programming course (ISTM 250/601.)   From 2005 to 2013, Ms. Phinney also taught the accounting information systems course in the Accounting department.    Before joining the Business School Faculty, Ms. Phinney lectured and served as an undergraduate advisor in the Computer Science Department, College of Engineering at A&M from 1985 – 1993. Ms. Phinney’s courses, in addition to the business classes listed above, have included Pascal, FORTRAN, Data Structures, Assembly Language, Intro to Business Programming (Visual Basic) and Object-Oriented Programming in Business (C++ and Java languages). Before she began her teaching career, Ms. Phinney was a programmer and systems analyst for multiple state agencies – dealing primarily with accounting and inventory systems.