Certificates & Dual Degrees


In addition to the core curriculum, Full-Time MBA students will be able to select customization opportunities to help prepare them for their post-MBA career paths. Academic Tracks will be completed by all students during the 18-month program. Students who choose to take courses beyond the third required semester can pursue a 4th Semester Experience.

Academic Tracks

All students in the Full-Time MBA will select an academic track as part of their studies. During the 18-month program, students will complete a minimum of one academic track as part of their curriculum. Tracks are earned through the completion of four courses (12 credit hours) including a core curriculum course and three additional electives. Completing a track results in an official certificate, similar to a diploma, with designation on a student’s transcript. Students will work with their academic adviser to select the courses that will allow them to complete their track.

Available academic tracks, which result in a university certificate and transcript designation:

*this track does not result in an official designation on students transcript.

4th Semester Experiences

The Full-Time MBA program offers students an opportunity to further expand their business knowledge by participating in a 4th semester. This additional coursework will extend a student’s studies for one additional semester past the core 18-month MBA program. Completion of one of these experiences results in an official certificate, similar to a diploma, with designation on a student’s transcript. Please note: not all certificate programs qualify students for financial aid; interested students should see their academic adviser for planning.

Currently available 4th semester programs are:

  • Any of the academic tracks listed above: students have the opportunity to complete a 2nd academic track in their 4th semester.
  • International business certificate: This certificate program gives students the knowledge base and international exposure to be able to meet the global challenges faced by organizations. Students take a course in international business during the MBA program’s fourth term and then participate in a semester-long study abroad experience at a Mays international partner school. While abroad, students take at least 12 credit hours of international business courses.
  • Advanced international affairsThis certificate, offered by Texas A&M’s Bush School of Government and Public Service, involves a multidisciplinary series of graduate courses designed to provide a more complete understanding of world affairs. The set of courses that are available include intelligence, national security, diplomatic history, international business and government, geography and world systems, international law, and certain skill courses. Students work with the MBA Programs Office to coordinate enrollment and scheduling for this coursework.


The Full-Time MBA Program partners with four graduate degree programs to offer the opportunity to earn an MBA along with another degree. Co-op students will complete the MBA program in 12 months before returning to their partner program to complete their additional academic requirements.

Enrolled students who are interested in pursuing a second Masters’s degree at Mays Business School can work with their MBA academic adviser after enrollment to apply and ensure they are able to meet all programmatic requirements.