Corporate Partners

Program Overview

The Full-Time MBA program’s success is built on ensuring that our graduates develop the knowledge and skills that businesses need today. Our program takes pride in having strong¬†reciprocal relationships with the business community which result in the following benefits:

  • Role models for students : Business leaders serve as mentors, guest speakers, research participants, competition judges and host employers for interns.¬† These activities allow business leaders to impart their wisdom as well as learn cutting-edge strategies from Full-Time MBA students.
  • Real benefits to businesses: Business leaders receive numerous benefits from working with Full-Time MBA students and faculty. These perks include advice and support through class and research projects, access to interns and a recruitment pipeline for future employees.
  • Supporting the next generation of leaders: Ultimately, business leaders who work with the Full-Time MBA program take pride in knowing that their participation and feedback help the Full-Time MBA program mold the world’s next generation of business leaders.

One of the most prestigious ways to serve the program is through the MBA Advisory Board. This group of business leaders provides valuable feedback on operational and research issues. This interaction helps the Full-Time MBA program respond to the needs and interests of the business community and external constituencies.