JD/MBA (Texas A&M University Law School)

Mays Business School’s Full-Time MBA program invites Texas A&M School of Law J.D. students to participate in the MBA program as cooperative students. Cooperative students shall join the MBA program after their first year in the J.D. program. Students who have completed their J.D. would not be eligible for admission in the MBA program as a cooperative student. Cooperative students must intend to return to the J.D. program.


Program Description

The Mays Full-Time MBA program is a lock-step, cohort-based program, with a significant portion of the work completed in academic teams. The program is a full-time program with courses Monday through Friday for 15-20 weeks per semester. The MBA program is 49 semester credit hours. A cooperative student must complete all credit hours. Credits cannot be transferred from another institution or program to satisfy the course requirements in the MBA program.

A cooperative student in the MBA program is eligible to complete all coursework in 12 months, rather than the typical 18 months. Students would need to be available for fullĀ­time coursework, in College Station, from early July of the year they are admitted through the end of the following July. Cooperative students’ schedules are identical to traditional students in the fall semester; they take an additional elective in the spring semester and complete a capstone project and a leadership course in the summer.

Students would not be able to take MBA courses concurrently with the J.D. program but could remain a member of the J.D. program while completing the MBA. Students would graduate from the MBA program in August and then return to, or rejoin, the J.D. program. Once students have completed the degree requirements for the MBA program, they will graduate with the MBA degree, independent of their completion of the J.D., but with the understanding, they will (re)enter the JD program.


Program Costs

For students entering the program Fall 2021, the program will cost approximately $63,500 for residents and $87,000 for non-residents for tuition and fees. These costs are distributed over the fall, spring, and summer, based on the number of credit hours taken in each semester.



Students applying for the J.D. program or enrolled in the J.D. program may apply for the MBA program. Students’ admission into the Full-Time MBA program will be reviewed independently of their admission into the J.D. program. However, current students in the J.D. program must be in good academic and conduct standing to be considered by the Full-Time MBA program. A student could be admitted into the J.D. program and the Full-Time MBA program at the same time and defer starting the MBA program until after completing a year in the J.D. program.