Candidate Requirements

The Full-Time MBA Program from Texas A&M’s Mays Business School is highly selective, admitting approximately 24 percent of applicants each year.

The admissions committee reviews applicants in the following areas:

  • a minimum of two years of full-time work experience, with management experience
  • competitive GMAT/GRE scores (50th percentile or higher for verbal and quantitative sections)
  • completion of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university with strong academic performance in the last 60 hours
  • performance during the personal interview process (interviews are by invitation)
  • demonstrated leadership, academic and professional potential
  • For international students, TOEFL scores above a minimum of 600 on the paper test or 250 on the computerized version. If presenting the TOEFL iBT, a score of 100 is required. As an alternative to the TOEFL, international students may present the IELTS with a score of 7 or higher

Work experience

Only post-baccalaureate work experience is counted as work experience. It is counted from commencement of professional experience after the undergraduate degree is received up to the time a candidate enters the program. We particularly seek quality in the work experience – career progression, management experience, quantifiable business results as well as evidence of leadership and teamwork. Work experience does not have to be business-based, and can include military service, Peace Corps, missions, teaching, etc. Please note – if military service, Peace Corps or mission work took place before the completion of the undergraduate degree, it can be considered full-time work experience.

The MBA Program will occasionally consider an applicant with non-traditional full-time work experience prior to or during their undergraduate program. Candidates who are admitted without the traditional two years of work experience must demonstrate exceptional strengths in all other components of their application.

All work experience, including internships, co-op assignments and volunteer work, adds value to the applicant portfolio and is considered in the overall evaluation of the applicant file.

Management experience

Full-time management experience is strongly recommended. Management is defined as direct responsibility for the assets of an organization, management of people, special projects, processes, databases, budgets, etc.