What We Look For

We review each application for the Full-Time MBA program holistically – no one part of the application is more important than the other parts. Essentially, the Admissions Committee seeks the answers to these questions as we read each application.

1 – Is the candidate academically prepared to succeed in our program?

  • We will review your previous education, which includes both your undergraduate degree and any additional post-baccalaureate study you may have completed. We will review the courses you took and your performance in them. While we do not have any specific prerequisite courses, we will look at any quantitative and analytical courses you may have taken. If you have taken courses outside of a degree program that would provide us with helpful information, you are welcome to submit those documents.
  • Your GMAT or GRE score will provide us with additional insights into your academic readiness. We do not require a minimum score on either test, but you can get a sense of the scores of our most competitive candidates in the class profile. Because this is a quantitative program, we will pay attention to your performance in the quantitative section(s).
  • You have the opportunity in your resume to provide additional information about your quantitative skills and abilities. If you have professional accomplishments and/or certifications that directly relate to quantitative and analytical skills, please be sure to highlight them.

2 – Does the candidate have a strong professional background?

  • The most competitive candidates for admission usually have two or more years of full-time work experience after their undergraduate studies. This type and amount of experience gives students a solid professional foundation from which to draw in the classroom and in team activities. This type of experience will also help students to be more attractive to prospective employers for summer internships and post-MBA employment.
  • Candidates who seek admission without two or more years of full-time work experience (including students in our partnership programs) are encouraged to provide as much information as possible about their experience, including internships and co-op assignments. In the assessment process, we consider all information that you provide.
  • We seek students who come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds in terms of industries and functional roles. We do not require business-based work experience. Regardless of your specific role, we will seek examples of leadership, teamwork, innovation, and overall contribution to the organization. If you have management experience – leading people, projects, budgets, etc. – please make sure to include this.
  • There is not a required resume format, but we appreciate as much detail as possible about how you have made an impact and generated results so that we can easily understand your professional background.

3 – What are the candidate’s short-term (immediately following the program) career goals and what are the candidate’s longer-term career goals?

  • There needs to be a reason why you are seeking an MBA at this point in your career. Through the essays and an interview (if invited), our goal is to understand what is motivating you to pursue additional education at this time.
  • In the first essay, you will provide us with your short-term career goal. This is the position you will be seeking immediately following an MBA. Please provide us with as much detail as possible in terms of the types of companies and roles you will be targeting. Please make sure to explain why you have chosen this specific goal.
  • It will be helpful to understand how an MBA from Mays Business School will help you reach your goals. What will you learn and experience in our MBA program specifically that will make you a competitive candidate for this type of employment?
  • We will also want to get a sense of your motivation and drive to reach your short-term goal. Be sure to think about how you will structure and execute on a search process and the resources you will need along the way.

4 – Is the candidate a good fit for the FTMBA program at Mays Business School?

  • We look for students who embody the Texas A&M University Core Values: Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Loyalty, Respect, and Selfless Service.
  • Successful students in our program bring an intellectual curiosity, a desire to undergo professional transformation, and a commitment to make an impact.
  • Because this is a smaller sized program, our students spend a lot of time together and get to know each other very well. Candidates who demonstrate emotional intelligence give us confidence that they will add value to our community.
  • Ultimately, will we be proud to have this person as a former student who wears the Aggie Ring?