What We Look For

The Full-Time MBA Program is highly selective and admits approximately 24 percent of applicants each year. Students who are selected to the Full-Time MBA program meet specific criteria that include:

  • Academic success: Selected candidates have proven academic success in their undergraduate program and competitive GMAT or GRE scores (50th percentile or higher for verbal and quantitative sections).
  • Work experience*: Candidates should have a minimum of two years of full-time work experience, with management experience
  • Proven leadership and teamwork skills: Strong applicants have served in a leadership capacity and understand how to work effectively in a team.
  • Managerial experience: Successful candidates show progression in their career with experience managing people, budgets or projects. Management could also be defined as direct responsibility for the assets of an organization, processes, databases, etc.
  • Potential to enrich the classroom experience: The admissions team evaluates candidates on their knowledge, experiences and intellectual curiosity to determine whether they will add value to classroom discussions and contribute to their peers’ learning.
  • Motivation, maturity and the drive to succeed: Successful candidates display a professional demeanor and have a proven track record of successfully starting and completing endeavors.
  • Sound post-MBA career goals: The admissions team looks for a logical connection between the candidate’s pre-MBA experience and post-MBA goals.

* Only post-baccalaureate work experience is counted as work experience. Work experience does not have to be business-based, and can include military service, Peace Corps, missions, teaching, etc. Please note – if military service, Peace Corps or mission work took place before the completion of the undergraduate degree, it can be considered full-time work experience. Candidates who are admitted without the traditional two years of work experience must demonstrate exceptional strengths in all other components of their application. All work experience, including internships, co-op assignments and volunteer work, adds value to the applicant portfolio and is considered in the overall evaluation of the applicant file.