Where can I find additional information about the Leaderboard?

You can find the 2023 Leaderboard Guide here.

And you can find additional information here.

Is there a page limit for submission?

There is no page limit, but a concise presentation of findings will be noted during judging. Based on previous competitions, finalists typically submit between 15-25 pages. Please see previous finalist submissions here.

Do we submit different documentation for rounds 1 and 2?

Round 1 deliverables deadline is October 6, 2023.

Round 2 deliverable deadline is October 15, 2023.

Deliverable 1: A scored CSV file of the holdout file that contains 3 fields: ID, SCORE, and RANK

Deliverable 2: A written summary of your work including key findings, implications, and recommendations.

Refer to previous finalist submissions for several examples of successful submissions.

Do we need an executive summary?

That is up to the participants. There are no exact guidelines for final submissions. They should be professional and concise.

Can we request feedback from non-participants?

Discussion of the case with external parties is not allowed, per the signed NDA. Discussion of programming is allowed, though guidance on the analytic approach is forbidden.

In the second round, can we include visualization tools?

There are no restrictions as long as the final deliverable is in a PowerPoint presentation.

If we are removing observations or making assumptions, do we have to validate them first through email or can we just move forward as long as we have good reasons to back them up?

As long as you have good reason to back it up, it is fine.


Which version of the 3rd column should be used by students to submit their CSV file in terms of rankings?

Rank things High-to-Low.  Therefore, the member with the highest probability of having an ADE and discontinuing therapy will have the lowest rank.  (i.e. 0.93 Score/Rank 0, 0.75 Score/Rank 1, 0.53 Score/Rank 2, etc.)



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