General Guidelines

How are Round One and Round Two different in terms of the analysis for the participants?

Round 1 submissions date is October 6, 2023.

Round 2 submissions date is October 15, 2023.

Round 1: This is all about prediction accuracy and ‘fairness’ (i.e equal opportunity) in your solution. Using the HOLDOUT file, a ROC/AUC metric will be calculated for each team to measure the accuracy of the prediction.  Similarly, a DISPARITY SCORE will be calculated to measure ‘fairness’ in the modeling solution.  These two measures will be combined for each submission and compared across all participants. The top 50 submissions from Round 1 will move on to Round 2.

Round 2: 

Each team will submit a word document establishing key performance indicators aligned to business needs, depth and description of quantitative analysis resulting in actionable business insights, and provide meaningful implications and recommendations based on results/insights.

  • Multiple judges will review each of the submissions from Round Two, based on the entirety of the solution: approach, analytics, insights, recommendations, and actionability. Judging will be conducted by multiple subject matter experts made up of Data Science professionals from Humana and PhD candidates from Texas A&M.
  • Each of the Top 50 Round Two submissions will be read and evaluated by a panel of five judges.
  • The scores of judging panels will be analyzed and combined to create a composite score for each submission.

Additional details will be provided in the Informational Meeting. Please refer here or visit the official rules page for more details.

Also, refer to the “Fairness in AI Guide” to see more details on the judging criteria.

Once questions pertaining to the case are submitted, when can we expect to receive answers?

Questions will be answered via email within two business days and commonly asked questions will be posted in the FAQ section as they are answered.

Can we get school credit for working on this case?

Competitors may use their submission for class work after the final rounds are complete.


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