Will we receive a confirmation email once our team has been registered successfully?

Yes, each team member will receive a confirmation that their team has been registered successfully.

Is there a number for us to dial into the Informational Call?

An email will be sent with a link inviting students to join the Informational Call.

Will the Informational Call recording and PowerPoint be available?

Yes, the recording and PowerPoint will be posted on the website after the Informational call.

Is someone who formerly worked for Humana eligible to compete?

As long as the member of the team is no longer considered a Humana employee and is a current student of any of the recognized masters programs, they may compete.

How can we form a team?

Teams are to be formed on your own. As long as you are a full-time and/or part-time master’s student enrolled in the same university, you can be on a team together. Teams can be interdisciplinary.

Can I form a team with an undergraduate student?

No. This competition is open to master’s level students from within the same university.

What is the minimum/maximum number of students allowed on a team?

The team minimum is 2 students and maximum is 4 students.

Can I compete with more than one team?

No, students are only allowed to register for one team.

Have my Round One or Round Two submissions been received?

Each team member will receive a confirmation email that the submission has been received successfully. If you have any issues, please contact


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