Student Worker of the Month

Balvaishwer Singh

March 2019

Balvaishwer Singh, Baloo, is the Mays Innovation Research Center’s Student Worker of the Month for March 2019. He is a Data Science Research Assistant for the Center and has been a part of the team since January 2019.

Baloo quickly showed his acquired knowledge and skill by completing smaller tasks quickly and effectively. From there he was assigned a larger project that required manipulating 12 million rows of data into the required output. He took the project from taking several days to complete to several hours. Shortly after, he began work on a similar project with web scraping 3 million names and has created a solution that will run in 7 days versus the original 2 month timeline. He has shown his skills in project management and taking initiative from his two projects and has been a valuable asset in the foundation of the Center’s Embedded Data Science program.

Baloo is from the northern part of India, a state called Punjab. He is a self-proclaimed cruciverbalist at heart and always tries to catch up on crosswords whenever he can. He enjoys playing tennis, hiking, and exploring the scenic beauties of nature. His short term goal is to complete his Master’s degree at Texas A&M and learn as much as he can from his peers, mentors, and professors. He is a first-year graduate student pursuing a degree in Management Information Systems at Mays Business School.

Thank you Baloo!

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