MIRC Ph.D. Grants

The Mays Innovation Research Center (MIRC), an interdisciplinary center at Texas A&M, is announcing research grants for PhD students at Texas A&M. The mission of the MIRC is to understand the true nature of innovation.  We are looking for research that seeks to answer, among other questions:

  1. The barriers to innovation 
  2. The best preconditions for innovation 
  3. The corporate, governmental, organizational structures that lead to innovation 
  4. How innovation spreads through society 
  5. The behavioral or psychological requirements for innovation 
  6. How innovation can impede or advance well-being 
  7. The relation between product and business model innovation
  8. The effects of law and policy on innovation
  9. International comparisons of innovation 
  10. Novel measures of innovation 

All methods and scholarly approaches are welcome and encouraged (historical, archival, theoretical, conceptual, experimental, and narrative, among others).  Grant proposals that advance the mission of the Center will have the highest chance of success.

For an acceptable proposal, the grant will pay: 

  1. $3,000 in upfront seed funding to begin a project.
  2. $5,000 for a successful revise and resubmit (R&R) at an academic journal.
  3. $2,000 for a successful publication to that same journal.

To qualify for the last two payments, the research must be submitted to a journal on the FT or UT Dallas journal list. The PhD grants will be paid on top of whatever PhD fellowship the student has already secured with the department and will be paid directly to the department. The funds are unrestricted and can be used to draw as salary however the student will have to follow all rules set by their departments. 

We designed these incentives to provide some initial money for upfront costs and to encourage the student to continue to produce high-quality work over the life of his or her program at Texas A&M. We cannot pay anyone once they have graduated. 

To apply, please visit, click “Opportunities,” and then click “Grants.” 

We will accept one application per student. Applications due August 1, 2021.