Application Deadlines for the Master of Real Estate Program

The Master of Real Estate program is currently admitting qualified students for the fall and spring semesters.

International Deadline Dec 10 Oct 1
Priority Deadline Mar 15 Oct 15
Final Deadline* May 1 Dec 22

*It is important to note that if we fill our class cohort with applicants who meet the Priority Deadline, any applications received after will not be considered for admission until the next application cycle.

What the Master of Real Estate Program Looks For

Our program aggressively seeks outstanding students and has an exceptional student retention record. Successful applicants demonstrate:

  • Academic ability
  • Desire to begin/continue a career in commercial real estate
  • Leadership and other defining characteristics

Students and Employers on the Master of Real Estate Program

Mays Business School Master of Real Estate students, alumni, faculty, and employers


Master of Real Estate Program Highlights


The Master of Real Estate Program at Mays Business School at Texas A&M is ranked as the #2 Real Estate Program in the World.


Outside the Master of Real Estate Classroom

In addition to the rigorous classroom experiences designed to equip students for a successful career in commercial real estate, the MRE at Mays Business School has exceptional student organizations and activities, including:

  • Real Estate Association (REA)
  • Graduate Real Estate Women (GREW)
  • Competitions, memberships and other training experiences
  • Meet our current students

Master of Real Estate Outcomes

Great ROI

The Master of Real Estate at Mays Business School provides exceptional outcomes to its successful graduates, including:

  1. Jumpstart your career
  2. Quickly pay back your educational investment
  3. Become a part of the Aggie Real Estate Network

Career Advancement

“Going to Texas A&M to pursue my MRE was the best career decision I have made to date. This program welcomed me with arms wide open.”

– Will Padon, Associate, CBRE, MRE Class of 2012

Aggie Network

The Association of Former Students is a powerful organization that can help advance your career.

The Aggie Real Estate Network is a strong community that supports current students and alumni in their efforts to advance their professional careers.

Contact any of our current students to find out about their experience or get advice on applying.

Master of Real Estate Opportunities

Corporate Employment

Students find internships and full-time jobs with our high-profile corporate partners in disciplines such as:

  • Lending and Capital Markets
  • Real Estate Development
  • Investment and Asset Management
  • Commercial Brokerage
  • Consulting and Valuation
  • Corporate Real Estate

Outstanding Job Placement of the Master of Real Estate Program

Since the inception of the program nearly 40 years ago, the placement rate for students within 90 days of graduation has been 100% almost every year.

Connect Us

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