Master of Real Estate Program Curriculum

Credit HoursCourse#Course TitleSemester Taken
3FINC 649Financial ModelingFirst semester (Fall or Spring)
3FINC 670Real Property AnalysisFirst semester (Fall or Spring)
1FINC 671Opportunities in Real Estate Finance (Speaker Series)First and Second Semesters
3FINC 672Real Property FinanceSpring only, 2nd or 3rd semester
3FINC 673Real Property Valuation1st or 2nd Fall Semester
3FINC 675Analysis of Real Estate DecisionsSpring only, 2nd or 3rd Semester (CAPSTONE)
3FINC 676Real Estate Law1st semester (Fall or Spring)
3FINC 684InternshipSummer after 1st or 2nd semester
0FINC 685Directed StudiesTaken every semester while in the program
3FINC 689Innovation - Prop TechFall only, 2nd or 3rd semester
3FINC 689Real Estate Analytics II (Modeling)Spring only, 2nd or 3rd semester