The Mays MasterCast is the flagship podcast of Mays Business School at Texas A&M University. We share insights into how business and business school works while sharing our culture and lives with listeners. Our guests include current students, professors, alumni, and friends of the university who have distinguished themselves in the business world. In every episode, our hope is to find counter-intuitive insight, vulnerability, and humor. Our goal is to be the world’s premier business school podcast.

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Episode 129: Cheryl Miller & Shannon Deer

How might transferrable skills come from unexpected industries?

Shannon Deer returns to Mays MasterCast as a guest with her co-author, Cheryl Miller. They discuss women Overcomers, pride in putting kids on a school bus, and helping businesses build the context for incarcerated individuals to succeed.

They go in-depth on restorative justice, explaining how it can and does go beyond the criminal justice system. Shannon and Cheryl bring expertise around circles, responsibility, and accountability. They also share about how skills learned from the drug and sex industry have applicable benefits to the business world.

Their advice to businesses: See the potential. Walk alongside the Overcomer to plug them in.
To listeners: View Overcomers as asset-based over skills-based to engage women and elevate communities. You can learn more at

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Episode 128: Eddy Badrina

How do you sell the same company twice?

Eddy shares candidly about amidst competing interests and messages, you must figure out your primary mission. Plus, leverage and communication points around a lot of information in a fluid context. He talks about running a White House agency at the age of 28 with a young family at home. Eddy shares how the discovery workshop with new clients is extremely important and about seeing gaps in the marketplace for launching a business. He talks about dual minds within a business reduce focus and can destroy value. “Most business owners don’t know what they want.” Eddy says that especially in failure, relationships matter. And advice for himself exactly five years ago is to get a good accountant for a solid foundation.

Books recommended include “Rocket Fuel,” “Marketing Agency Blueprint,” and “The Redemptive Entrepreneur’s Playbook.

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arvind mahajan art mcc
arvind mahajan art mcc

Episode 127: Kyle Koehler

What should and could food be?🥕🍅

Kyle Koehler, Co-Founder of Wildway, drops wisdom for small businesses to value the money they have and respect it. Grow your business sustainably, slowly, and in the right way. Developing a company's social mission beyond survivable, profitable, and sustainable. Early start-up challenges for an inventory- and cash-intensive business.

Kyle's take on food: Food as natural, sustaining, and nourishing. People not understanding food addiction ingredients, nutrition facts, and claims.

Some things you might consider reflecting on: Define what success looks like to you. “I’ve made it moments” are fleeting. Accolades from customers and employees are energizing.

Good Bull to the employees of Wildway!

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Episode 126: Arvind Mahajan

In a new circumstance, do you recalibrate everything?

Arvind discusses: Texas Hold ‘em with friends; converging the gap, like Michelangelo’s painting, between intellectual and spiritual knowledge; understanding self and the larger phenomenon.

When learning became fun, being all in; fledging study abroad in the 80s,

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 When in a different circumstance, don’t assume the old rules will work; the Great Conversations; the Great Books of the Western World; and classes, the arena to have a great conversation.

 Good bull to Arjun Ahluwalia ‘15 and Adriel D. Maniego '15, founders of Jai Kisan! 

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arvind mahajan art mcc