Good morning. In today’s edition, a new normal and resources for your online classroom.

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Wehner Building hours updated

Wehner Building operations are now following the guidance that President Young gave on Tuesday, March 24. New operations include:

  • ALL exterior doors to the Wehner Building will be locked.
  • ID Card access will still be active.
  • If your ID Card does not work, call 979-845-8009 during normal office hours for assistance.
  • Student WiFi and Computer resources are specified in the “What’s Open” section of
  • Mays Facilities Office will be manned from 8:00am to 5:00pm for faculty technology support.
  • You will be responsible for entry of any student without ID Card access. This is highly discouraged.

For the latest university information, click here.


COVID-19 Resources:

Texas A&M official COVID-19 site: The most up-to-date information from the university level

Mays Keep Teaching: A resource for faculty to learn how to shift courses online
COVID-19 information for employees: For employment-related information concerning COVID-19
Zoom backgrounds: Made for Mays faculty, staff, and students


Another COVID-19 resource for employees

As the University continues to monitor the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), faculty and staff members are asked to review the information provided on this website for employment-related information concerning COVID-19. Updates are made as information becomes available.

How to utilize Zoom backgrounds

In order to use a Zoom background:

– Open Zoom
– Open Zoom preferences
– Select virtual background
– Click on the little plus sign to add your own
– Once it is uploaded, select it to make it your backdrop

**Of note: Be sure to see if your Zoom is currently set to mirror your video or not. If mirroring is selected, choose any of the pictures that begin with mirrored (they are already flipped for your convenience). If it is not selected, choose a photo that is labeled regular.


Need to cancel an upcoming event?
– Visit the Website Calendar Request form
– Select Publicize Event on Website Calendar from drop-down
– Fill out contact details
– Choose “Remove” under Calendar Event Request Type
– Please enter the URL of the Event when viewing it online so it can be located for update or removal.

Once we receive the request, we will mark the event as ‘canceled’ on the online Mays event calendar. This ensures visitors to the calendar are able to view canceled events without the events being deleted. 



Making it your own, setting your sights high, and an act of faith

On March 30, MasterCast welcomed undergraduate and master’s student at Mays, Paul Truax. Paul will receive his undergraduate in accounting and masters in MIS in May 2021. Paul has embraced an entrepreneurial mindset, which he will bring with him to Ernst & Young as an accountant. As an entrepreneur, Paul donated the business he started to Startup Aggieland, Mays Business School’s entrepreneurship incubator open to students across campus.


Shankar, Venky (CRS), Today Online – Opt-out of sending data from your smartphone to save money; The Eagle – Brazos Valley grocery stores work to ensure cleanliness, items in stock