Brand Voice

Mays’ voice is plain-spoken and conversational and at the same time polite. We assume familiarity and offer mutual respect. We are gracious, earnest, and sincere. We are confident and assertive without being overbearing. We are inclusive and curious about other viewpoints, and are not reluctant to express our own deeply-held views. We are deliberate and measured in our language. We are well-informed and rely on a combination of data and experience to support our assertions. Our confidence is genuine and comes from a dedicated effort to learn and grow from our work and achievements.


  • Plain-spoken, conversational, polite
  • Gracious, earnest, sincere
  • Confident, assertive, deliberate, curious
  • Informed opinions


  • Casual, overly familiar
  • Rude
  • Overbearing or confrontational
  • Alienating or polarizing ideas
  • Cute, clever or funny


  • Impeccable grammar and punctuation
  • Contractions (it’s, don’t)
  • Data with sources
  • Simple sentence structure
  • Proper nouns: Department of Accounting
  • Descriptor: accounting department


  • Howdy y’all, other greetings
  • Knowledge-area jargon
  • Humor
  • Any need for disclaimers
  • Please, go to, click here
  • “The” Department of X
  • Questions?, exclamations!, serial commas, & ampersands
  • Acronyms