Branded Materials

Promotional Items

Promotional items containing the Mays logo and/or department logos must be sent to the Communications team for final approval before ordering.

If a vendor doesn’t meet branding requirements, the Communications team and university licensing will reject the artwork, even if the client has already paid the vendor’s service fees. Provide official Mays logos for vendor use. Note: vendors are not authorized to alter logos in any way.

Submit a marketing request form for unique branded item requests or altered logo formats for special cases.


Stationery items such as business cards, letterhead and official memo pads must be ordered through Texas A&M Print Acquisitions. Also, it is not permitted to create your own TAMU business cards or alter the official Texas A&M stationery package. Order your official TAMU Stationery through Print Acquisitions.

Office Door Signage

image Order door signage for offices