Brand Guide

Dear Mays Family:

As we step up to fulfill our shared vision of “Advancing the World’s Prosperity,” each of us must take responsibility for promoting the Mays brand in a consistent manner. Consistency is one of the keys to successful marketing and communications, whether you’re launching a new degree program across multiple “channels” or communicating to your constituencies about teaching, research and service. By delivering coherent messages in a unified voice with a consistent look and feel, institutions build credibility and trust with their audiences, which bolsters their reputations over time.

Mays Business School’s Brand Guide establishes a set of brand guidelines for all of us to follow from writing tips to a Brand Toolbox containing official logos, presentation templates and approved color and typography options. By adhering to these guidelines, we will present a strong, unified identity on all fronts. Wherever our audiences encounter the Mays brand—on our website, at recruiting events or through ads—their positive perception of our school will be reinforced. This, in turn, will enhance the overall equity of our brand, which we have worked many years to establish.

I encourage you to review the Mays Brand Guide and tap into its many resources whenever your job calls for you to promote Mays to your respective audiences. By stepping up to this challenge as a unified team in pursuit of a shared mission, we will help elevate the Mays brand into the ranks of the truly elite business schools.

Best regards,

R. Duane Ireland
Interim Dean