Business Education Complex Design and Construction Task Force

In June 2021, Interim Dean R. Duane Ireland announced the design phase of the Business Education Complex (BEC) as part of the activation of Strategic Initiative #5 of the Mays Business School Strategic Plan 2017-2021, which includes Goal 1: Expand Mays Physical Space.

Interim Dean Ireland chartered a new Design and Construction (D&C) task force to join him in representing Mays in engagement with the A&M System’s Facilities, Buildings, & Construction (FB&C) office, the architectural firm designing the Mays project, and the company that will handle the construction process. The members of this newly-constituted group are as follows:

Interim Dean Ireland expressed appreciation to the individuals who comprised the previous Business Education Complex Program of Requirements (POR) task force. The members of this task force were: Mike Alexander, Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs; Murray Barrick, Director of Center for Human Resource Management & Professor; Shannon Deer, Interim Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs; Cydney Donnell, Director of Real Estate Programs; Jared Hoppenfeld, Director of Business Library & Collaboration Commons; `Jon (Sean) Jasperson, Assistant Dean, Learning Transformation & Academic Technology; Eli Jones, (founder and member of the task force); James Laird, Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration; John Norton, Senior Lecturer & Network Administrator; Janet Parish, Associate Department Head, Marketing; William “Bill” Peel, Executive Director of Innovation & Strategic Planning (chair); Ed Segura, Facilities Manager; and Sorin Sorescu, Professor & Interim Executive Associate Dean.