Canvas Third-Party Tools

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The Office for Academic Innovation (AI) promotes learning technologies that integrate into Texas A&M University’s Learning Management System to optimize the teaching and learning experience for both course instructors and students. These learning technology tools are collectively referred to as “Third-Party Tools” or “LTI Tools.” The Office for Academic Innovation delegated responsibility for selecting and testing third-party tools to the academic units through the Academic Liaisons and the Third-Party Tool Request Process.

Some LTI Tools have sufficient demand that they were selected, tested, and deployed as university-wide tools (e.g., Turnitin, Mediasite, Linked in Learning, Respondus LockDown Browser, Peerceptiv, Gradescope, etc.). You can find a listing of those tools on the LMS website as Third-Party Tools in Canvas (meaning Canvas for everyone). Other tools are more specialized and approved for one or more academic units only (e.g., My Educator, McGraw Hill Connect, etc.). You can find a listing of these tools on the Third-Party Tools Status page of the LMS website.

Approved Mays Specific Third-Party Tools

(as of August 20, 2021)

The members of the Mays Digital Learning Committee collected information about third-party tools from the Mays departments. We compiled a list of 23 tools across the college. We prioritized this list by the estimated number of faculty members and students per year who use each tool.

Based on this information, Mays requested and received approval for the following five (5) tools to be integrated into the Mays subaccount of Canvas. Two of these tools are approved for Mays faculty only (My Business Course and My Educator). The other three tools were approved for use by Mays plus 2 or 3 other academic units.

Tool Name Support Contact
Cengage MindTap Contact the Cengage sales rep (Audrey Kirk) for training and other information about using Mindtap.
McGraw Hill Connect Contact the McGraw Hill sales rep (Macey Krouse) for training and other information about using Connect.
My Business Course (MBC) Contact the Cambridge Business Press sales rep (Nancy Peterson) for training and other information about using MBC.
My Educator Contact the MyEducator sales rep (Scotty Pectol) for training and other information about using MyEducator.
Pearson MyLab Contact the Pearson sales rep (Laura Wiegand) for training and other information about using MyLab.

IT Accessibility for Third-Party Tools

McGraw Hill Connect is the only tool listed above that meets the TAMU minimum requirement for electronic information resource (EIR) accessibility.

The other four tools did not meet the minimum requirement for EIR accessibility. These tools were approved for use by Mays through an EIR accessibility exception process. If a student with a disability is not able to use one of these four tools as designed due to the disability, the faculty member for the course will work with the student and TAMU Disability Resources to provide appropriate accommodations for the student who is not able to use the tool. These accommodations may include working in tandem with another student.

Requesting Additional Third-Party Tools for Mays Use

The AI team will accept requests for additional third-party tools in the future. If you have a tool you would like to suggest for Canvas integration, please do the following:

  1. Review existing Canvas features to ensure that the functionality you are seeking does not already exist in Canvas.
  2. Review the list of tools already approved for Canvas integration (see Third-Party Tool Status) to see if your tool or a tool with similar functionality is already approved for Canvas integration.
  3. If you do not find a tool under 1 and 2 above that meets your need, send a request message to Dr. `Jon (Sean) Jasperson with the details for your suggestion.