Digital Measures

When you click the “Login to Digital Measures” button, you will leave the Texas A&M University network. You will use your NetID/password combination to log into a website hosted by Watermark, (the vendor that provides the Digital Measures software service), on behalf of Mays Business School of Texas A&M University. Mays Business School uses Digital Measures, (a web-based reporting tool), as a repository for faculty activity data. This repository serves as a data source for Mays as follows:
  • As input to the annual faculty annual reporting process
  • As a database that can be queried for external reports including rankings, accreditation reports (AACSB and SACS), and requests from the Provost, A&M President, The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, etc.
  • As a database that can be queried for internal reports by faculty and administrators, to support informed decision making.
Please email if you need assistance with Digital Measures. The Annual Review Workflow Guide outlines the process for using Digital Measures to complete your annual “Professional Activity and Accomplishment Report (PAAR)”.