Mail Services 

Texas A&M University offers a variety of mail services. Within Mays, we have an intra-college mail system.

Mays Internal Mail Service 

Every unit has an an open access area with employee mailboxes.

Every effort is taken to secure and monitor these areas during office hours. However,these areas are not 100 percent secure.

Use sealed envelopes for confidential correspondence.

Contact your departmental support staff if you are expecting any unusually large boxes/shipments of
equipment that will not fit in the employee mail room or if you have packages that need to be stored in a secured area.

The Office of the Dean delivers mail among departments once a day.

Use inter-department envelopes, though other envelopes may be used. Materials should be placed in the envelope labeled with the recipient name and department/room number and placed in the ‘Internal Mail’ box in your unit’s mailroom.

Abbreviations for unit names
ACCT Accounting UPO Undergraduate Program Office
FINC Finance USPO Undergraduate Special Programs Office
INFO Information and Operations Management MBA MBA Program Office
MGMT Management EMBA Executive MBA Program Office
MKTG Marketing Honors Business Honors
Fellows Fellows Program
GBCS Graduate Business Career Services
CED Center for Executive Development CHRM Center for Human Resource Management
CIBS Center for International Business Studies CMIS Center for the Management of Information Systems
McFerrin Center for  Entrepreneurship CRS Center for Retailing Studies
REC Real Estate Center

Off Campus Mail Service

A&M’s Mail Services also delivers outgoing mail to the US Postal Service.

Business correspondence

Official business correspondence must be on the appropriate unit stationery. See your unit’s support staff to obtain it.

Mail must have the proper return address for the unit as this is how the unit is charged by A&M Mail Services. Using this service for personal mail is forbidden.

Using A&M Mail Service for personal mail even though properly stamped by the sender is discouraged.


Proper return addressing

At A&M, we have our physical address (XXX Wehner Building), plus a stand-in for a street address which is composed of your mailstop number followed by the letters “TAMU”. A shipping service is more interested in the physical address, while the US Postal Service requires the street address.

Preprinted unit stationery has the appropriate information for addressing. To add it to other packaging, follow this format:

Department name
Mays Business School
Texas A&M University
XXX Wehner Building
College Station TX 77843-XXXX

Triple X is for the physical office number; Four X’s represent your mailstop number and appear twice. Once with “TAMU” and once following the 77843 zip code.

Priority, Express & International Mail

Texas A&M Mail Services offers these services: listing and rates.


• Prescription or over-the-counter
• Alcoholic beverages of any kind
• Ammunition
• Food or perishable products
• Inflammable, explosive, or dangeroussubstances
• Banknotes or currency
• Platinum, silver, precious stones, jewels
• Perishable, infectious, or biological substances
• Radioactive materials
• Weapons or parts of weapons
• Sharp instruments
• Drugs
• Articles for resale