Telephone Usage

Emergency calls dial 9-911

Our 911 address is 210 Olsen Bl.

Making phone calls

• Within Mays and the A&M System – Dial the last 5 digits of the phone number. Campus number prefixes are: 845, 862, or 458.  For example, 845-4711 is shown as 5-4711.  For off-campus, local dialing you must dial 9 plus 7 digits.

Mays Faculty & Staff Directory – Find Mays faculty or staff member.

Texas A&M Campus Directory – Find a Texas A&M student, faculty or staff member.

• Outside the A&M System for local calls – dial 9 + 7 digit phone number.

• Long Distance – dial 9 + the area code + 7 digit phone number. Dialing 1 is not necessary.

• International Calls – Contact your unit’s support staff.

• Personal Calls – Personal, local phone calls are permitted but should be kept to a minimum. Personal, long-distance phone calls are not permitted.

• Voice mail – For information about voice mail services please contact your unit’s support staff.

• Read the user guides for your telephone instrument here.

Conference Calls

When making conference calls you have options.

• Use the speaker option on the phones as a conference device.

• An audio conference with more than two locations calling can be arranged by unit support staff. People may participate in these calls from office, home, cell or other location with access to a phone line. Phone numbers are provided for all participating parties to call in at a specific time/date.

Originator controlled conference callUp to six participants (the originator plus five conferees). This audio conference can only be originated using office phones. Participants can be located in or out of the local area code. It does not require any prearrangement with telecommunications. The unit is charged for the service.

Local number conference – Up to 24 participants. With this service, an office phone is not needed to originate the conference. It requires prearrangement with telecommunications via email (no work order is required). Participants within the local area code can use this service without extra charges. Participants from outside the local area code can join the conference, but will pay standard long distance rates.

800 number for one-time use – If some participants are outside of the local area code, this audio conference option allows conferees to call an 800 number at a prearranged date and time without incurring long-distance charges. The department pays for this type of conference call.

Video conferencing – Contact the media office for details at 5-8009 or 2-4203.