Calendar Events and Research

If you have never logged into the website before you will need to request access before you can add calendar events or research.

Adding events to the calendar

    1. Adding calendar events can now be done by all faculty and staff.

    2. To get to the calendar events section click “Events”.

Events Step 1

    1. Add the event title and the description of the event.

Events Step 2

    1. The date field is required. However the time, location, and location detail can be left out if you wish.

Events Step 3

    1. Click “Submit for Review” to have the Marcom team approve the event.

Events Step 4

  1. Once the calendar event is approved it will appear on the front page of the website and the front page of the associated unit.

Adding research

    1. Your research is now connected with your profile. When people search for your profile they will also be able to see the research you have done.

    2. To get to the research section, click the Research button in the menu.

Research Step 1

    1. Click “Add New” to add research

Research Step 2

    1. Add a title and an abstract or other body type content.

Research Step 3

    1. Add Co-authurs by clicking “Add Co-author”

Research Step 4

    1. Select the associated academic unit within Mays. Add where your research has been published in the Publications box. Then finally add the date which the research was published.

Research Step 5

  1. Click “Publish”!

  2. Your research will now be in the research database and connected to your profile.

Show publications on your profile

    1. Showing publications on your profile is available before and after you submit an item to the research database.
    2. To prevent a certain publication from showing in your profile, simply click “No” under “Show in Profile?”.

Ordering publications

    1. Ordering your publications is as simple as selecting the article to show in your profile and selecting the order in which you want the article to appear.
    2. To change the order of a publication select the order number you’d like the publication to appear.

Research Order

  1. If you have multiple publications showing for the same order number then the most recent published article will show first (by publish date in WordPress, not in the journal).