Faculty Service Excellence Award

The Faculty Service Excellence Award recognizes service contributions “above and beyond the call of duty.” Service at the departmental and college level both qualify as paths for making outstanding contributions. The accumulation of activities alone does not constitute outstanding performance; rather, the quality of accomplishments and their impact on the success of a department and/or Mays Business School are the critical criteria. Service for which one receives compensation may also be considered. In such a case however, the service rendered is to be beyond the expectations of the received compensation. The following are examples of indications of outstanding service:

  • Significant mentoring of students through advising and other academic roles
  • Demonstrated leadership in departmental and Mays service roles
  • Impactful service on Mays and departmental committees and task forces
  • Noteworthy contribution to development efforts

All faculty of Mays Business School are eligible. However, five years must have passed in order for a previous award recipient to be a nominee again. For previous award recipients, service contributions since and/or in addition to those that led to receiving an award earlier are the basis for the current nomination. Three years as a Mays faculty member is a condition of eligibility for this service award.


Sorin Sorescu (FINC)
Len Bierman (MGMT)

Laura Li, INFO
Cindy Devers, MGMT

Michelle C. Diaz, ACCT
Gregory R. Heim, INFO
Rajan Varadarajan, MKGT

Xenophon A. Koufteros, INFO
Janet Turner Parish, MKGT
Kevin F. Roach, ACCT

James J. Benjamin, ACCT
‘Jon (Sean) Jasperson, INFO

Arvind Mahajan, FINC
Michael K. Shaub, ACCT
Richard W. Woodman, MGMT

Robert H. Strawser, ACCT
Leonard Bierman, MGMT

Michael Pustay, MGMT
Paul Busch, MKGT

Stephen McDaniel, MKGT
Matthew Josefy, ACCT