Administrative Leave

Administrative Leave With Pay is a non-monetary reward given to recognize outstanding performance that consistently exceeds expected or required productivity or exceptional contributions by employees performing special projects of significant importance. See general provisions.

Benefit Services

Annual Benefit Enrollment is July 1 – July 31 for all Texas A&M employees.

Professional Development

Student Workers

Jobs for Aggies

  • Supervisor’s Manual
  • Salary increases – merit based increases are allowed annually at 3% or $.25, whichever is higher.

Flex Schedule

General Guidelines and Approval Forms

University Rules and SAPs

SAPs and Rules

Temporary Salary Increases (University Rule 31.01.01.M4)


Wellness Release Time provides all full-time, benefits-eligible, Texas A&M employees the opportunity to use 30 minutes of their regular work hours, up to three (3) times a week, to exercise or participate in physical fitness activities.  Please provide your supervisor with a completed Wellness Release Time Acknowledgement Form.