Mays Staff STAR Performer Awards

The Mays Business School “Star Performer” award program annually recognizes up to 10 staff members within the college who have recently made a significant impact or noteworthy accomplishment in their job as well as demonstrating excellent and outstanding performance that clearly exceeds expectations. The concept of this award is to recognize staff members who have made significant contributions or progress in their position during most recent times. The award can be used to recognize the completion of a special project or certification of significant importance. More commonly, it can also be used to distinguish staff members who have made significant and noteworthy progress in the completion of their job responsibilities. A call for nominations will be made during the month of March or April each year if it is determined by the Dean that adequate funding exists to support the awards.

Darryl Bowery
Ashley Hilgemeier
Nyetta Meaux
Sandy Raymond
Shanna Spencer
Veronica Stilley

Valerie Brown
Angela Catlin
Shannon Deer
Pam Harper
Courtney Hranicky
Molly Painter
Chris Potter
Tyson Reddic
Donna Shumaker

Mike Alexander
Larry Callis
Hannah Cole
Kyle Gammenthaler
Valerie Gootee
Janisha Guillory
Kyra Gunn
Jennifer Hammel
Casey Kyllonen
Kris Morley

Kathrine Jackson
Diane Johnson
Amy Lilley
Tammy Louther
Deborah Mann
Lauren Osborne
Sabrina Saladino
Jeana Simpson
Veronica Sprayberry
Jeffrey Stephenson
Corey Stone
Kimberly Syptak

Darryl Bowery
Brianne Garcia
Melissa Lund
Donna Shumaker
Angela Tuggle
Lauren Welford

Veronica A. Griffin
Eric T. Newman
Christine R. Potter
Adriana de la Cruz Burnett
Karen N. Kraatz
Kristi R. Mora
Kelli G. Hollinger

Casey Johnson
Angela Degelman
Veronica Sprayberry
Laurie Marshall
Kelli Kilpatrick
Luke Klima

Jennifer Smith
Risa Meyer
Veronica Griffin
Karen Burke
Kristin Cooper
Coral Gabaldon
Rachel Krolczyk
James Laird
Jenna Homeyer
Heidi Lewis
Kelli Kilpatrick
John Norton
Patsy Hartmangruber
Clarissa Means
Bryan Pope
Patrick Williams

Dawn Eppers
Robbie Allen
Lanell Graebner
Amy Buchanan
Kimberly Crawford
Melissa Lund
Ed Segura
Tommie Frost
Angela Degelman
Stacey Cole
Donna Shumaker
Sabrina Saladino
Cheryl Bridges
Gerald Klassen
Jim Gaines
Linda Huckaby

Bob Brown
Kristin Cooper
Dana Evans
Wendy Flynn
Gwynette Hall
James Laird
Sheryl Lampo
Korey Lee
Rachel Montelongo
Kristi Mora
Claudia Orum
Spring Robinson
Nicholas Roznovsky
Patty Smith
Debby Swick
Linda Windle

Patrick Williams
Janet Barrett
Terri Callery
Lois Carter
Nicole Parker
Phyllis Washburn
Claudia Orum
Jim Dixey
Theresa Morrison