Watermark Faculty Success

When you click the “Login” button, you will leave the Texas A&M University network. You will use your NetID/password combination to log into a website hosted by Watermark on behalf of Mays Business School of Texas A&M University.

Mays Business School uses Watermark Faculty Success, (a web-based reporting tool), as a repository for faculty accomplishment data. Individual faculty members are responsible for the accuracy of all data associated with their faculty records in the Faculty Success data repository.

The following guides outline the process for using Faculty Success to complete your annual “Professional Activity and Accomplishment Report (PAAR)”.

Please email jon.jasperson@tamu.edu if you need assistance with or have questions about Watermark Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures).

Departmental Contacts

System Administrator `Jon (Sean) Jasperson
Dean’s Office Missy Lund
Accounting Diana Anderson Kruse
Finance Kelly Pampell
Graduate Programs Lisa Provines
Information & Operations Management Donna Shumaker
Management Kimberly Scherer
Marketing Edward Mora
Student Transformation Center Krystal Hayes-Pompey

Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures) FAQs

What is Faculty Success?

Faculty Success is software used by Mays faculty to manage, organize, and report on faculty accomplishments (i.e., their research, teaching, service, and administrative accomplishments).

What’s the advantage of using Faculty Success?

After faculty enter their accomplishment information into the Faculty Success repository, the information can be used to generate reports for all stakeholders from faculty members themselves to academic leaders (e.g., department chairs, deans, etc.). Faculty will not be asked on a ‘one-off’ basis for information for individual reports that need to be prepared such as for accreditation, annual merit appraisals, rankings, and media surveys.

How do I access Faculty Success?

To log in to the Faculty Success application, click the “Login to Faculty Success” button above. Use your TAMU NetID to login. For help with login issues, contact jon.jasperson@tamu.edu.

How do I create my Faculty Success account?

We create a Faculty Success account for all new faculty when they arrive at Mays. Basic personal and demographic information is added to your account profile. We also upload your scheduled teaching records by obtaining data from the TAMU Howdy system; however, you are expected to review the teaching data for accuracy each semester. Individual faculty are responsible for adding all other activity data. If you try to login to Faculty Success and have issues, please email jon.jasperson@tamu.edu for assistance.

How do I add my activity data?

You can add this data using the screens on the “Activities” Dashboard.

How do I enter my publications into Faculty Success?

You can enter publication data manually OR with an import. Please see the Faculty Success online guide for additional information about importing publications.

Do faculty have to complete every field on every screen?

The short answer is “no”. Not every screen or field is relevant to every faculty member. Some screens and fields will also be populated from other sources.

Who is responsible for entering faculty data?

Individual faculty members are responsible for entering their own data and confirming that any imported data (from other TAMU or Mays systems and/or citation systems) is correct. While each unit at Mays has an assigned Faculty Success resource person, the decision to allocate such resources to data entry is left to the discretion of the unit head.

Who owns my data and what can Faculty Success do with it?

All data provided by and collected for Mays Business School by Faculty Success is solely owned by Mays Business School. As per the terms in the Watermark standard service agreement, this data cannot be disclosed, reused, sold, or disseminated in any way by Watermark.

Who can see data in Faculty Success and reports generated from it?

The Mays Faculty Success Administrator sets user access permissions for the faculty, administrators, and staff. The Mays security access configuration will allow (a) faculty to run reports only on their own data; (b) designated individuals (i.e., Department Heads, Unit Leaders, and Mays Faculty Success Contact staff) the ability to run reports for their respective departments or units; (c) College level administrators to run data for everyone at Mays.

Can I get reports from Faculty Success?

Yes, faculty and academic administrators can run standard reports or use ad-hoc reporting to select exact data elements (and date ranges) of interest. Department and Unit heads can also decide whether to include all their faculty or only data for certain faculty members. Reports are generated in real-time using all data entered as of that instant.