3 Day Startup

40 Students. 3 Days. Your Startup.

3 Day Startup (3DS) gives students the chance to learn what it’s like to take their ideas and turn them into a startup. What makes 3DS special is that the entire process is hyper-accelerated and takes place during the course of a weekend. 3DS is hosted by the McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship but is completely student-run and student-led. Throughout the entire weekend, the 3DS Student Leadership Council will teach you how to pitch your idea, how to interview customers, and will help student teams through any pivots or problems they may encounter. In addition to the Student Leadership Council, the McFerrin Center invites mentors, local business owners, and Texas A&M faculty to help student teams throughout the weekend. 3DS is perfect for students who want to learn more about entrepreneurship, innovation, teamwork, and leadership. The weekend is also a great way for students to explore a business idea in a risk-free environment. After the weekend is over, student teams interested in launching their startup are immediately connected with the resources to help achieve a successful launch.

How To Apply

Students must apply and be selected to participate in 3DS. Students who apply to 3DS should express their passion for entrepreneurship, imbue energy into their application, and list any relevant skills from leadership to programming. Only one 3DS weekend is offered each Fall and Spring semester. All Texas A&M students are eligible to participate. All meals and weekend materials are provided at no charge to students.

How the Weekend Works

For Fall 2020 the entirety of 3DS will take place virtually. 3DS starts Friday afternoon and ends Sunday evening. On Friday students will meet one another for the first time. Students with an idea for a startup will be given a chance to pitch their idea to the other 3DS participants.  Participants will vote on the ideas they’re most interested in working on and will form teams on their own. Friday is full of brainstorming, feedback, and team-building exercises. Early Saturday morning students will receive a crash course in customer discovery, business model generation, and how to pitch a business. Saturday also includes designated mentoring and feedback sessions and students should begin working on their final presentations. By Sunday students continue to plan their business’s execution, finalize their presentation, and formally pitch their startup to a panel of honorary “investors”.


Students accepted into 3DS are required to attend 3 Day Startup Bootcamp where they learn key entrepreneurial principles and best practices for maximizing their weekend experience. 3DS Bootcamp is typically scheduled during the week leading up to 3 Day Startup.

Important Dates for Spring 2020

  • 3DS Leadership Council Applications Open: August 19-26
  • Applications Open: Tuesday, August 25
  • 3DS Informational: Wednesday, September 9
  • Applications Close: Sunday, September 13
  • Virtual 3DS Bootcamp*: Wednesday, October 14
  • Virtual 3DS Weekend*: Weekend of October 16-18

*indicates mandatory attendance for 3DS participants and Leadership Council


Texas A&M’s program is affiliated with 3 Day Startup, Inc., which is a non-profit that helps teams run 3 Day Startup events by providing tools, resources and consulting.