Aggie Vistage

Executives Guided by Aggie Values

Aggie Vistage is the first university-affiliated Vistage chapter. Vistage is a global organization that manages private advisory groups for executives, CEOs, and business owners. High-performing leaders join Aggie Vistage because they want to connect with other executives who share their values. Aggie Vistage provides a trusted leadership experience that delivers results.

How It Works

Aggie Vistage is much more than executive coaching. The holistic Vistage approach has been developed over 60 years of research and includes three core elements:

  • Valuable perspectives from trusted peers
  • Professional guidance from an accomplished leader (Chair)
  • Connecting with subject matter experts

Aggie Vistage members meet once a month to work through their respective challenges and opportunities using guidance from the Chair and a proven processing framework. Members can feel confident in sharing your struggles and successes knowing that all Aggie Vistage discussions are confidential. At several meetings throughout the year, speakers from Vistage’s extensive and elite network serve as subject matter experts who challenge members to be innovative in their businesses and foster their personal growth. Vistage also provides members with exclusive insights on how to optimize small and mid-sized business processes from their thriving research network.

Selection Criteria

To maintain the integrity of the Aggie Vistage Program, applicants are carefully evaluated and must meet, at a minimum, the following criteria:

  • Must be the top strategic decision maker (CEO, President, Owner, etc.)
  • Organization is established (not a startup), typically with at least 25 employees
  • Motive for joining includes business and personal growth, not business networking

In addition, prospective members may not be competitors or suppliers/vendors with another member in the chapter and are carefully evaluated to avoid this scenario, as it can influence confidential discussions.

Interested in Joining Aggie Vistage?