Belgium Study Abroad

If you’ve always wanted to visit Europe then this is the perfect entrepreneurship global program for you. The Belgium Global Program combines your passion for travel with your skills as a problem solver. This unique study abroad will give you more than great photos to post on Instagram. Students will work as consultants for startup teams in Liége and Mons to solve their most pressing business problems. You’ll meet interesting new people who are innovating and changing the world, today. You’ll discover what you’re capable of as an individual and a future professional. As an added bonus you’ll get to enjoy a weekend in Paris, France.

Important Information

  • Location: Liége, Brussels, and Mons, Belgium, and Paris, France
  • Course: 3-hour, MGMT/IBUS 457/685
  • Program Length: 2-weeks
  • Program Dates: Spring 2021
  • Estimated Program Fee: Not Yet Available
  • Application Portal: Not Yet Available
  • Application Deadline: Not Yet Available
  • Contact the McFerrin Center for additional information at

What to Expect

When you participate in one of our Global Programs, expect to go through a three-phase transformational process.

  • Pre-departure meetings designed to discover the country’s culture and entrepreneurship ecosystem
  • Travel to the country, meeting and working with local entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • Getting involved as a leader in the McFerrin Center, with future study abroad programs and other entrepreneurship initiatives

“I am not usually one to put myself out there. After this whole experience working with the companies and visiting a country I’ve never been to, I feel like it definitely brought me more confidence in myself and my communication abilities. I was very surprised the first day we went to Venture Lab how everyone we met was very open to what we had to say and it completely proved my doubts wrong. I think that was a huge eye opener for me; I felt like what I said mattered, which is what gave me the confidence I needed. I feel like this will allow me to be more comfortable when I am in a business setting or even in a classroom setting. Going on this trip allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, and I think has changed the way that I carry myself for the better.” -Kaitlyn Wallace ’21