Chile Study Abroad

Chile is the longest north-to-south country in the world, stretching over 2,700 miles and just 217 miles wide. It is home to beautiful mountain ranges, lush vegetation, and magnificent blue bodies of water. During your study abroad experience you’ll serve as a consultant for local business owners, watch fireworks on Villarrica Lake, kayak with your friends in Huilo Huilo, eat amazing local cuisine, and experience what it means to be an entrepreneur in Chile.

International business and entrepreneurship are difficult to understand without experiencing it yourself. The Global Program in Chile will not only transport you to a beautiful country, but it will also give you meaningful skills that you can list on your resume and use to fuel your future career.

Important Information

  • Location: Patagonia and Santiago, Chile
  • Course: 3-hour, MGMT/IBUS 457/685
  • Program Length: 2 weeks
  • Program Dates: May 8-May 22
  • Estimated Program Fee: $6,210 for Mays Students/ $6,710 for non-Mays students
    • Program Fees includes some meals, all lodging, in-country transportation, cultural excursions, outings, CISI insurance and more!
    • $1400 is estimated for round-trip airfare that can be booked independently by students.
    • $200 is estimated for passport fees for a new passport, if needed.
    • Summer I tuition estimate included.
    • Learn more about how to afford a study abroad program.
  • Application Portal: Currently Open!
    • Texas A&M Deadline: February 1, 2021
    • SEC and Texas A&M System Partner School Deadline: February 1, 2021
    • 25 students will be accepted on a rolling basis.
  • Sample Itinerary
  • Eligibility: U2 Classification or higher with 2.5 Cumulative GPR
    • All Texas A&M Students: Undergraduate & Graduate Students
    • Incoming Transfer Students
    • RELLIS Campus Students
  • Contact Professor Don Lewis at the McFerrin Center for additional information at


  • November 2020: Apply by November 24th
  • December 2020: Students are notified of acceptance. A $500 deposit will be charged to your student account.
  • January 2021: Book your flight.
  • February 2021: Remaining program fees are billed to your student account.
  • February-May 2021: Attend five Sunday class sessions with group assignments.
  • May 2021: Pay Summer I TAMU tuition to avoid being dropped from the program by the registrar.

What to Expect

When you participate in one of our Global Programs, we will focus on three key pillars:

  • Attend five pre-departure class sessions to gain entrepreneurship competencies to empower you as an international student consultant.
  • You will walk away from this high-impact experience with skills that can be applied to your future career and boost your resume.
  • Travel with the McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship to experience different cultures and discover the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Chile.


“Before departing on this trip, I thought of entrepreneurship much like I would imagine many of my fellow millennials do. I imagined technology startups in Silicon Valley, trendy logos on repurposed buildings in Austin, and Magnolia Farms-adjacent restaurants that charge far too much for avocado toast. Of course in my mind, I know that entrepreneurship not only expands beyond the common millennial examples, but also entrepreneurship is not limited to the creation of an enterprise. It is a mindset that can be honed, perhaps like a science, but also it is an art, sometimes perplexing to the brightest of minds. In Chile, I was able to witness a business environment that was at times just like comparable cities in the United States, while also in a different place all at the same time. Almost more European in nature in some barrios, Santiago and the surrounding areas offered beauty and economic vibrancy that surprised me, while the rural areas still presented a lifestyle that seemed to be yearning for an economic boom—but perhaps limited by the context it exists in.” Corey Stone ’15