MBA Venture Challenge

The MBA Venture Challenge asks teams of MBA students to quickly and effectively evaluate early stage start-up firms. This program offers a number of unique features and benefits:

  • Real-world analysis: Participants provide a clear, unbiased and business-oriented evaluation of a business’s market and financial viability.
  • Application of learning: Students are challenged to quickly learn a new topic, organize their work, prepare as a team and use classroom lessons to inform their analysis.
  • Valuable feedback: Participating MBA students deliver a two-minute elevator pitch and a 20-minute “due diligence” presentation about their assigned business to judges from the business, investment and academic community. Students are evaluated on both their presentation and analytical skills.
  • Showcase for talent: The Venture Challenge showcases MBA students and the Mays Business School’s diverse research portfolio to the business and investment community. Past competitions have resulted in job offers for students as well as technology licensing discussions.

2020 MBA Venture Challenge Winners

1st Place: Moto Cinch, LLC, Chris Compton, Madhur Gupta, Madi Heck, Nick Iconos, Guiselle Parker

2nd Place: Mach1 Services, Ahmed Ellahi, Brian Ellis, Wade Emmons, Saif Gul, Peter Wang

3rd Place: ScriptlyRx, Benjamin Adams, Luis Bodero-Bullon, Chris Brown, Supriya Dara, Shique Singleton

1st Place Elevator Pitch: Bondwell Technologies, Sophie Curie, Jiashan Lang, Ryan Pugh, Tyler Miller, Christopher Nettles

MBA Venture Challenge Photos

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