MBA Venture Challenge Results

The MBA Venture Challenge (formerly known as the MBA Tech Transfer Challenge) is an annual competition which challenges students to assess the commercial viability of an A&M invention. The results are presented in oral and written form to panels of judges from the business community.

2018 MBA Venture Challenge Winners:

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  • First Place: Ashwin Prasad, Colin McGoldrick, Johnny Park, Kirsten Galbraith; Rusticatta
  • Second Place: Alistair Wallace, Dede Nwanguma, Steven Lawson; LiberWave
  • Third Place: Adam Solomon, Michael Byington, Russell Cardon, Tosin Odetola; Pheramor


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  • First Place: Brent Carter, Nick Cheng, Philip Spencer, Jana Soares; CelaCare
  • Second Place: Mario Coll, Thomas Dowlearn, Eclair Lehmongkol, Ankur Soni; IntuiTap Medical
  • Third Place: Meagan Altman, James Cochran, Lia Rojas Unamo, Rahul Sharma; FireDisc


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  • First Place: James Hammond, Tien Le, Brian Newbury, Jordan Nielson; Block Party Suites
  • Second Place: Jonathan Macrae, Eva Martinez-Salinas, John Dexter, Saurabh Kulkarni; ADVENTURE GURU
  • Third Place: Jason Morgan, Lillian Niakan, Raj Sridharan, Sneha Das; Scepter Medical Devices, LLC


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  • First Place: Prithviraj Chougule, Ali Arif, Zachary Friske, Daniel Gaona, and Lolina Pena; Ebio, LLC.
  • Second Place: Pei Lin Mei, Luis Matus, Mark McCord, Brad Myers, and Rachael McPhail;
  • Third Place: Clayton Watson, Shanaly Daya, Spencer Dearinger, Ashwini Kalia, and Virgina Koran; SynShark, LLC.


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  • First Place: Janette Barnhard, Lloyd McGuire, Matt Johnson, Robyn Peters;
  • Second Place: Aiden Johnson, Ankit Talwar, Ben Feldman, Joseph Cole, Sabrina Wade; Loco Inc.
  • Third Place: Benjamin Holler, Eric Piskura, Eric Snowder, Rahcel Turner, Shaune Kolber; Scepter Medical Devices


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  • First Place: James Cerenzie, Kathryn Hicks, Ravishankar Shivashankar, Sangdo Choi; Cutting Edge Gamer LLC.
  • Second Place: Austin Rogers, Elizabeth Cezayirli, Kara Pisklak, Lakecia Pitts; TripleSTAT
  • Third Place: Ann McCollim, Clifford Counts, John Stubblefield, Lacee McGee, Samin Riaz; Toopher Inc.


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  • First Place: Jenna Beyer, Emil Boehm, Matt Buzby, Joel Cunninghman, D.J. McCarty, Joseph Pluhar; InCellerate
  • Second Place: Luke Baker, Mark Herman, Craig Hooker, James Kelly, Jr., Scott Monk; The Patria Group Corp.
  • Third Place: Jemison Bartlett, Justin Gibbs, Sarah Hassan, Amey Karnik, Nicholas Vernon; Savara Inc.


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  • First Place: John Brown, Luke Carlton, Cody Slape, Kelly Taylor, Alfredo Volio; CorInnova
  • Second Place: Brandon Boatcallie, Erik Brown, Derek Colvin, Nishita Roy, Jasen Smith; Shape Memory Therapeutics
  • Third Place: Jeff Cope, Larry Jackson, Dawn Lin, Justin Martin, Nityasha Wadalkar; Preclinical PET


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  • First Place: Alvaro Acosta, Ryan Goodnight, George Holzwarth, William McCauley; Connection Methodologies for Interstitially Insulated Coaxial Pipes/Tubulars; Invented by Dr. Leroy S. Fletcher and Dr. Charles Bolfrass 
  • Second Place: Laura Seago, Andrew Folkert, Erin Hause, Hossein Shahim; Raman and Inversionless Semiconductor Lasers; Invented by Dr. Alexey A. Beleyanin 
  • Third Place: Philippe Thaim, Paul Christensen, Telyn Joseph, John Lineberger; Implant Radiographic/Surgical Guide; Invented by Dr. Raed F. Ajlouni


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  • First Place: Jennifer Baugh, Christopher Beavers, Brian Mullins, Luis Trejo, Diana Doughty; The Use of Dimples for Thermal Dissipation Enhancement for Microelectronic Heat Sinks; Invented by Dr. Leroy “Skip” S. Fletcher and Dr. Egidio E. Marotta 
  • Second Place: Mohammed Mazi, Sachit Dwivedi, Katia Delgado, James Applewhite, Allen Wright; Endotracheal Tupe Sump; Invented by Dr. Mark S. Klepper
  • Third Place: Mohammed Mazi, Sachit Dwivedi, Katia Delgado, James Applewhite, Allen Wright; Wireless Event Monitoring Device; Invented by Dr. Jun Zou


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  • First Place: Ryan Dewey, Alayne Bomba, Jesse Jones, Elliott Battles, Kristen Robinson, Amy Heintz; Compositions, Methods and Uses for a Novel Family of Peptides; Invented by Yi Wei Jiang 
  • Second Place: Kyle Klein, Vickram Gopaal, Lisa Sun, Scott Bradfor, Josephine Hodge; Improved Vaccine Against Brucella Abortus; Invented by L. Garry Adams 
  • Third Place: Taylor Robertson, Brian Wiggins, David Ball, Hemanth Babu Shekar, Robin Hawkins; Attractant for Monitoring the Control of Adult Scarabs; Invented by Juan D. Lopez


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  • First Place: Matt Hancock, Samuel Kerns, Janet Marcantonio, Brock Roark, Scott Schun; Diblock Copolypeptide Micelle Based Materials for Drug Delivery
  • Second Place: Tanya Arora, Olubanke Awofeso, Pam Changchit, Rachana Chidanand, Jennifer Hoffpauir; Design of a Portable Buoyancy Driven PCR Thermocycler
  • Third Place: Todd Johnson, Jesse Durden, Samuel Kirk, Leandro Salgado; Radio-Frequency Encoding (RFE) Probes for Magnetic Resonance Imaging