MBA Venture Challenge Results

The MBA Venture Challenge (formerly known as the MBA Tech Transfer Challenge) is an annual competition which challenges students to assess the commercial viability of an early stage venture. The results are presented in oral and written form to panels of judges from the business community.

2019 MBA Venture Challenge Winners


Competition Winners

  • First Place: Hasan Ahmed, Ahad Azimuddin, Hang Quan, Shelley Ruohonen, Jordan Williams; Medicinbox LLC. Sponsored by the McFerrin Center.
  • Second Place: Mark Dearden, Ahmed Ibrahim, Korbin King, Michael Reasor; VoCo. Sponsored by Aggie Angel Network.
  • Third Place: John Buancore, Cole Dietz, Clyde Fomunung, Chris Raman, Koki Tobita; Krueger Labs, Inc. Sponsored by FIBERTOWN.

Elevator Pitch Winners

  • First Place: Mark Dearden, Ahmed Ibrahim, Korbin King, Michael Reasor; VoCo
  • Second Place: Hasan Ahmed, Ahad Azimuddin, Hang Quan, Shelley Ruohonen, Jordan Williams; Medicinbox LLC
  • Third Place: Travis Black, Steven Carlson, Sooby Guha Thakurta, Robert Kelley, Jichao Zhang; ScribeRule Inc.

Additional Awards

  • Best Written Deliverable: Hasan Ahmed, Ahad Azimuddin, Hang Quan, Shelley Ruohonen, Jordan Williams; Medicinbox LLC
  • Best Presenter: Ahad Azimuddin; Medicinbox LLC and Mike Reason; VoCo

2018 MBA Venture Challenge Winners:

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  • First Place: Ashwin Prasad, Colin McGoldrick, Johnny Park, Kirsten Galbraith; Rusticatta
  • Second Place: Alistair Wallace, Dede Nwanguma, Steven Lawson; LiberWave
  • Third Place: Adam Solomon, Michael Byington, Russell Cardon, Tosin Odetola; Pheramor


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  • First Place: Brent Carter, Nick Cheng, Philip Spencer, Jana Soares; CelaCare
  • Second Place: Mario Coll, Thomas Dowlearn, Eclair Lehmongkol, Ankur Soni; IntuiTap Medical
  • Third Place: Meagan Altman, James Cochran, Lia Rojas Unamo, Rahul Sharma; FireDisc


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  • First Place: James Hammond, Tien Le, Brian Newbury, Jordan Nielson; Block Party Suites
  • Second Place: Jonathan Macrae, Eva Martinez-Salinas, John Dexter, Saurabh Kulkarni; ADVENTURE GURU
  • Third Place: Jason Morgan, Lillian Niakan, Raj Sridharan, Sneha Das; Scepter Medical Devices, LLC


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  • First Place: Prithviraj Chougule, Ali Arif, Zachary Friske, Daniel Gaona, and Lolina Pena; Ebio, LLC.
  • Second Place: Pei Lin Mei, Luis Matus, Mark McCord, Brad Myers, and Rachael McPhail;
  • Third Place: Clayton Watson, Shanaly Daya, Spencer Dearinger, Ashwini Kalia, and Virgina Koran; SynShark, LLC.


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  • First Place: Janette Barnhard, Lloyd McGuire, Matt Johnson, Robyn Peters;
  • Second Place: Aiden Johnson, Ankit Talwar, Ben Feldman, Joseph Cole, Sabrina Wade; Loco Inc.
  • Third Place: Benjamin Holler, Eric Piskura, Eric Snowder, Rahcel Turner, Shaune Kolber; Scepter Medical Devices


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  • First Place: James Cerenzie, Kathryn Hicks, Ravishankar Shivashankar, Sangdo Choi; Cutting Edge Gamer LLC.
  • Second Place: Austin Rogers, Elizabeth Cezayirli, Kara Pisklak, Lakecia Pitts; TripleSTAT
  • Third Place: Ann McCollim, Clifford Counts, John Stubblefield, Lacee McGee, Samin Riaz; Toopher Inc.


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  • First Place: Jenna Beyer, Emil Boehm, Matt Buzby, Joel Cunninghman, D.J. McCarty, Joseph Pluhar; InCellerate
  • Second Place: Luke Baker, Mark Herman, Craig Hooker, James Kelly, Jr., Scott Monk; The Patria Group Corp.
  • Third Place: Jemison Bartlett, Justin Gibbs, Sarah Hassan, Amey Karnik, Nicholas Vernon; Savara Inc.


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  • First Place: John Brown, Luke Carlton, Cody Slape, Kelly Taylor, Alfredo Volio; CorInnova
  • Second Place: Brandon Boatcallie, Erik Brown, Derek Colvin, Nishita Roy, Jasen Smith; Shape Memory Therapeutics
  • Third Place: Jeff Cope, Larry Jackson, Dawn Lin, Justin Martin, Nityasha Wadalkar; Preclinical PET


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  • First Place: Alvaro Acosta, Ryan Goodnight, George Holzwarth, William McCauley; Connection Methodologies for Interstitially Insulated Coaxial Pipes/Tubulars; Invented by Dr. Leroy S. Fletcher and Dr. Charles Bolfrass 
  • Second Place: Laura Seago, Andrew Folkert, Erin Hause, Hossein Shahim; Raman and Inversionless Semiconductor Lasers; Invented by Dr. Alexey A. Beleyanin 
  • Third Place: Philippe Thaim, Paul Christensen, Telyn Joseph, John Lineberger; Implant Radiographic/Surgical Guide; Invented by Dr. Raed F. Ajlouni


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  • First Place: Jennifer Baugh, Christopher Beavers, Brian Mullins, Luis Trejo, Diana Doughty; The Use of Dimples for Thermal Dissipation Enhancement for Microelectronic Heat Sinks; Invented by Dr. Leroy “Skip” S. Fletcher and Dr. Egidio E. Marotta 
  • Second Place: Mohammed Mazi, Sachit Dwivedi, Katia Delgado, James Applewhite, Allen Wright; Endotracheal Tupe Sump; Invented by Dr. Mark S. Klepper
  • Third Place: Mohammed Mazi, Sachit Dwivedi, Katia Delgado, James Applewhite, Allen Wright; Wireless Event Monitoring Device; Invented by Dr. Jun Zou


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  • First Place: Ryan Dewey, Alayne Bomba, Jesse Jones, Elliott Battles, Kristen Robinson, Amy Heintz; Compositions, Methods and Uses for a Novel Family of Peptides; Invented by Yi Wei Jiang 
  • Second Place: Kyle Klein, Vickram Gopaal, Lisa Sun, Scott Bradfor, Josephine Hodge; Improved Vaccine Against Brucella Abortus; Invented by L. Garry Adams 
  • Third Place: Taylor Robertson, Brian Wiggins, David Ball, Hemanth Babu Shekar, Robin Hawkins; Attractant for Monitoring the Control of Adult Scarabs; Invented by Juan D. Lopez


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  • First Place: Matt Hancock, Samuel Kerns, Janet Marcantonio, Brock Roark, Scott Schun; Diblock Copolypeptide Micelle Based Materials for Drug Delivery
  • Second Place: Tanya Arora, Olubanke Awofeso, Pam Changchit, Rachana Chidanand, Jennifer Hoffpauir; Design of a Portable Buoyancy Driven PCR Thermocycler
  • Third Place: Todd Johnson, Jesse Durden, Samuel Kirk, Leandro Salgado; Radio-Frequency Encoding (RFE) Probes for Magnetic Resonance Imaging