McFerrin Methods

McFerrin Methods are thought-provoking workshops that provide an opportunity to network with entrepreneurial-minded individuals as well as expand your knowledge base. McFerrin Methods are open to Texas A&M current students, faculty, staff, and the local Bryan/College Station community. RSVP is required but McFerrin Methods are free to all individuals.

So You Want to Launch a Medical Practice

Guest Speaker: Dr. John Cangelosi ’00

Tuesday, September 15 | 5:30 p.m. | Online | RSVP HERE

Many physicians, veterinarians, and other licensed professionals have a desire to launch their own practices, but aren’t sure how to start. At McFerrin Methods: So You Want to Launch a Medical Practice, Dr. Cangelosi will share his experiences opening his own diagnostic laboratory, his thoughts on what he would have done differently, and the changes he plans to implement in the future. Dr. Cangelosi will also discuss what he looks for in a job applicant and tips for successfully interviewing in a competitive environment.

Insurance Inflection Points for a Startup

Guest Speaker: David Perez ’02

Wednesday, September 16 | 12:00 p.m. | Online |  RSVP HERE

If your goals include raising a significant amount of money, disrupting your industry, and/or becoming the next unicorn then you’ll have a series of insurance inflection points to discuss with your insurance broker. During McFerrin Methods: How to Pick the Right Insurance for Your Startup, David Perez will cover the multiple insurance inflection points for a startup, including directors & officers insurance, key man life, EPLI, and more. If these terms aren’t ringing a bell then this McFerrin Methods is for you!

Marketing MUST be a Line Item in Your Business Plan

Guest Speaker: Marché Warfield ’94

Tuesday, September 22 | 5:30 p.m. | Online | RSVP HERE

You know your way around Canva. You’ve made a DIY website. Maybe you even have a few followers on Instagram. So, when you’re looking at where to cut back to keep your business plan lean, tackling marketing efforts yourself seems like a good idea, right? Not so fast.

In this session, learn why the most successful entrepreneurs – even in the small business realm – leave marketing to the marketing professionals (Hint: It’s not because you know better than they do!) From social media to web design to email campaigns, tell-it-like-it-is marketing expert Marché Warfield sets the record straight on why skipping this crucial section of your planning can cost you more dollars in the long run – and how to collaborate with your marketing partner to level-up your business.



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