McFerrin Methods

McFerrin Methods are thought-provoking workshops that provide an opportunity to network with entrepreneurial-minded individuals as well as expand your knowledge base. McFerrin Methods are open to Texas A&M current students, faculty, staff, and the local Bryan/College Station community. RSVP is required but McFerrin Methods are free to all individuals. McFerrin Methods has ended for the Spring 2021 semester. Here are a few examples from this semester’s lineup of speakers.

McFerrin Methods: Brand Strategy and Creative Design

Featured Speaker: Stephanie Powell ’03

Your brand should shine a spotlight on your unique and awesome talents as an entrepreneur. But if you want to attract and convert those holy grail clients they need to be able to find you first. Are you giving future clients a reason to stop and take notice of how you can serve them? Or are you so focused on the brand representing you as an individual that you’ve lost sight of your client entirely? Stephanie Powell ’03 is a branding and marketing expert who will teach you how to build a brand that is bold, brazen, and ready to serve your clients. It’s time to make more money being real, raw, and unapologetically you!

McFerrin Methods: How To Build A Virtual Coaching Practice Around Your Passion

Featured Speaker: Kelsey Kemp ’16

What if we told you there was a business opportunity where you could work from anywhere in the world with your dream clients while using your unique talents and background to serve others and solve a problem you’re passionate about? You’d probably say that sounds too good to be true. And you would be WRONG! If this sounds like your dream career then building an online coaching or consulting business might be the perfect fit for you. During this McFerrin Methods former tech consultant turned career coach, Kelsey Kemp ’16 will show you how she turned her desire for a meaningful career into a virtual coaching practice that helps clients to find their own rewarding vocation.

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