Mentor Network

Are you a former student, experienced entrepreneur, or business professional looking to get involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem at Texas A&M? Then look no further than the McFerrin Center Mentor Network!

Mentors play a critical role in all of our programs at the McFerrin Center. Our mentors help us in achieving our mission of inspiring, educating, and empowering the next generation of Aggie entrepreneurs. Mentoring can take on many different forms but focuses on providing young entrepreneurial Aggies with the opportunity to learn and grow from the knowledge and experience of others.

We offer multiple opportunities each semester for members of the Mentor Network to engage with our entrepreneurs. These include screening applications, serving as a judge in the Raymond Ideas Challenge, guiding student teams during 3 Day Startup, or meeting one-on-one or in group settings to specifically guide entrepreneurs at Startup Aggieland. We are always looking for mentors that are willing to share their experiences and expertise with students in the classroom and different workshop settings.

What our Mentors Have to Say About Being Part of the Network

  • “The students have so much curiosity and passion for pushing the status quo.”
  • “My experience at Startup Aggieland [has shown me] it’s all about people… we’re all in the people business. At Startup, we help one another to become our very best selves.”
  • “[Mentoring] has been a blast! I loved seeing the progress of the students’ ingenuity and hard work and I can’t wait to see their projects come to fruition. Can’t wait for the next round!”
  • “Startup Aggieland has left me shocked and amazed at the creativity and energy of our future leaders!”
  • “My experience at Startup Aggieland has been fun. It is wonderful to see all the ideas and enthusiasm from students – to forge their own path, find their own passions, puzzle out the complexities of the market, and move their dreams forward!”
  • “Tremendously fun and fulfilling. Meeting the students and the mentor groups is a continuing source of enjoyment. Helping with the EBV during the summer is also a unique experience and very special.  I encourage anyone and everyone to become involved in any of the programs that are offered!”