Mission statement

We strive to be a mission driven Center as follows:

  1. Mission driven
    • The vision for the McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship is to serve as the hub of entrepreneurship at Texas A&M University. Globally recognized.
    • The Center’s mission is to encourage, develop and produce entrepreneurs through a combination of curriculum and experiential opportunities.
  2. Core Values (alongside TAMU core values)
    • Honesty
    • Opportunity driven
    • Synergy- all must add value to the collective team
    • Accurate information always
    • Focused
    • Share and celebrate failures and wins- what do we learn from each
    • Respect

Through achievement of our vision, mission and values, the Center: 

  1. is recognized as an entrepreneurship center of excellence
  2. provides superior entrepreneurial education in the classroom and through experiential opportunities
  3. identifies and nurtures high potential student entrepreneurs
  4. enhances economic development activities
  5. communicates and celebrates entrepreneurship across TAMU